Marc Márquez says he doesn’t know if it will be like it used to be in MotoGP

Marc Márquez acknowledged that he doesn’t know if he will ever be the same again. The six-time MotoGP champion, however, said he is resigned to being a different rider, as long as he fights for titles.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper AS, the Honda owner commented that he is still not able to drive as he wants and regretted that injuries have become a frequent subject.

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Marc Márquez has yet to regain full post-injury shape (Photo: Repsol)

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Marc is still trying to recover from the fracture he sustained in his right arm in the opening last season. After Jerez de la Frontera’s injury, Álex’s brother underwent three surgeries and was away from the Worlds for nine months, but the bone is still not 100% calcified, the muscles haven’t returned to the shape they were before and the driver still feels some discomfort. , which prevents him from having the same performance as before.

“I don’t know if I’m going to be the Márquez that I was, but I’ll settle for a different Márquez fighting for titles,” Marc told journalist Mela Chércoles. “Or I settle for a different Márquez, but driving as he wants in each situation. That means fighting for top positions”, he continued.

“At the moment, I can’t drive as I want. In some corners, yes. In others, no”, he pointed out. “It’s very tiring and I’m very tired to talk about it, because I’ve always been one of those who forgot or tried to avoid the subject of injuries, like when I had shoulder pain. He didn’t talk about it, even if he had injuries. I was operating at the end of the year because it didn’t affect the head and they asked about it all the time, but now it’s such a big injury that I can’t hide it. I have to be realistic with the moment I am in”, he concluded.

The Cervera rider, who missed the first two stages of this year’s championship, is in 12th place in the standings, with 59 points, 25 of them coming from his victory at the German GP, ​​Marc’s only podium since the injury.

The start of the MotoGP Aragon GP is scheduled for 9am (GMT) on Sunday (12). O BIG PRIZE follows all the activities of the World Motorcycle 2021.

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