Marcos Mion makes fun of Juliette, makes Chay Suede tease and ‘resurrects’ Kelly Key · TV News

It wasn’t just flash in the pan. After a praised debut in front of Caldeirão, Marcos Mion managed to outdo himself this Saturday (11) by making fun of Juliette Freire, making Chay Suede pay a monkey, and “resuscitate” Kelly Key’s singing career, who now invests only in the life of an influencer digital.

In its second edition, in charge of Globo’s Saturday afternoons, Mion made Caldeirão one of the most talked about topics on Twitter with the countless pearls that he starred in and plucked from his guests.

At ease and with an updated repertoire of jokes, he made Vanessa Giácomo tell about the vulture attack she suffered on the day she visited Globo for the first time to take her promotional material, 20 years ago. At the time, she had not yet done any work as an actress on television.

One of the highlights occurred in the painting Sobe o Som, the redesigned version of Ding Dong, by Domingão do Faustão. Chay Suede heard the first notes of Lúcio Mauro Filho’s band and began to sing Tremendo Vacilão, believing that the “mysterious singer” of the round would be the funk singer Perlla.

Excited, the heartthrob released his voice and threw himself onstage, but Mion’s suspicious look made him come to his senses and realize he had been wrong. “His excitement was beautiful to see,” said the presenter. “Now I thought it was Kelly Key as well, brother,” amended the actor, who soon heard the audience’s reaction and realized the mistake. “Damn, life!” Chay said, aware of the flaw, and causing Mion to laugh.

Kelly Key entered the stage and immediately scolded the actor: “Poor! Kelly Key, Chay! Kelly Key!”

The digital influencer sang Baba, a song she released in 2001 and is considered the main song of her career. She stopped singing a few years ago to invest in the fitness world and in communicating with fans on the web, but she didn’t turn down Mion’s invitation to sing again the hit that made her famous.

Finally, it was time to make fun of Juliette Freire in the painting Isto a Globo Mostra. “We’re a bit crazy now,” he said, before starting the sequence. “How meaningless is writing Juliette [nos créditos]? If there’s one person who doesn’t need an introduction in the country at the moment, it’s her,” he amended.

The video used by Mion was the video for Anunciação, which the BBB21 champion recorded with Wesley Safadão for Criança Esperança. At the moment she sang the verse “Prepare your heart for the things I’m going to tell”, the presenter didn’t miss the chance to make fun of Paraiba: “Prepare your heart for the things she’s going to tell, because this one says, the we saw it at BBB21. It starts to count and never stops. You have to prepare your heart,” he joked.

In a joke, Mion also compared Juliette’s look with the Dalai Lama’s, said that she went to live in a cave to hide from the fans and even compared the scenario with the one in the animation The Lion King.

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