Marília Mendonça celebrates recovery of covid: ‘I beat the damn virus’

Marília Mendonça, 26, announced today that she has recovered from covid-19.

“Guess what great news is coming? She herself, Marília Mendonça, who tested negative for this virus, this damn virus. Thank God I went through it. I like to tell good news, that’s why I came here”, celebrated the singer, in videos published in their Instagram stories.

“When I found out it was positive, I did two tests, one of these was negative and the other positive. So, there is the possibility of a false negative. My advice is: when you have symptoms, isolate yourself… because it can be negative. Thank God everyone in the family is fine and nothing happened,” she continued, adding. “Remember the symptoms and get the second dose of the vaccine.”

After being isolated in her room for a few days, Marília decided to call a specialized company to sanitize her house, thus avoiding the chance of cross contamination. “We’ve already disinfected the room, the house, we cleaned it, in fact, we hired a company to do this sanitization. Now we go on like this, happy, giving glory to God for having gone through this one well, calmly. Now I’m going to enjoy my family, my son and I’m here wishing you a great Sunday,” she finished.

In addition to Marília, her boyfriend, the countryman Murilo Huff, also tested positive for the disease. He recovers at home.