Marília Mendonça recovers from Covid-19 and celebrates: ‘Guess who’s coming with great news?’ | Goiás

The singer Marília Mendonça announced this Sunday (12) that she recovered from Covid-19. On a social network, she posted the exam showing the negative result. She and her boyfriend tested positive for the disease but had mild symptoms.

“Guess it’s coming up with great news this second, this minute? She herself, Marília Mendonça, who tested negative for this virus, this damn virus”, she said in a video posted on the internet.

She celebrated the test result and said she was very happy with the news. The singer also said that, before discovering that she had coronavirus, she did two tests, which came back negative. She believes that at least one of them gave a false result.

“My advice to you is: when you have symptoms, isolate yourself. Don’t completely trust the test, because it can give a false negative”, he said.

The singer once again highlighted the importance of vaccination to reduce the chances of serious cases of the disease. “Remember the vaccine, take the second dose. My family and I are looking forward to the second dose. We’ve already disinfected the room, hired a company to sanitize the entire house. , my son”, he completed.

Marília Mendonça’s boyfriend, Murilo Huff, announced on Wednesday (8) that he was also with Covid-19. He continues to recover from the illness at home.

  • Boyfriend of Marília Mendonça, singer Murilo Huff is also with Covid-19

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Marília Mendonça celebrates the recovery of Covid-19 — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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