Marvel Comics fires brazilian cartoonist pocketnarista

Photo: Instagram / Joe Bennett / Modern Popcorn

THE Marvel Comics announced on Friday (10/9) that Joe Bennett, a Brazilian artist known for the comics in ‘The Immortal Hulk’, no longer works at the company. The artist was fired after 25 years and the reason for his dismissal was not disclosed.

However, the resignation came just days after criticism from a co-worker, Al Ewing, who declared on his social networks that he would no longer work with him after an issue in issue #43 of ‘The Immortal Hulk’, where a jewelry store window was designed with the inclusion of a Star of David and a misspelling (jewery), whose combination was considered a racist quote.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve been aware of a problem with Joe. I’ve been talking backstage, but that doesn’t comfort people who are the victims of this brutal propaganda,” Ewing said of the Bennett-drawn comic.

Scholarship holder, Bennett had already generated controversy by making an illustration of the then deputy Jair Bolsonaro in 2017 as a hero who faced the animalized figures of other Brazilian politicians and when celebrating the slap given by Augusto Nunes on Glenn Greenwald in one of the biggest shames of the program Panic, gives Young pan. “That slap was mine too! I should have punched!”, wrote the comic artist on his social network. After Marvel readers complained, he deleted the post and apologized to Greenwald.

Artist with striking and visceral features, Bennett He has yet to comment on screenwriter Al Ewing’s comments or his resignation. Bennett and Ewing’s work on ‘The Immortal Hulk’ was nominated for an Eisney Award, the Oscar for comics, in 2019.