Mayor of Pocket Narist dismisses teacher who charged equipment for health professionals

Pocketnarista mayor exonerates a teacher who charged equipment for health professionals. Photo: Reproduction

Pocketnarista mayor, plus a denialist, fires a teacher who charged for Health equipment. This information comes from the Diário do Jahu.


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Discharged mayor pocket narist

A demonstration is being organized and should take place at the City Council of Jaú, next Monday (09/13), when the in-person sessions will resume. The objective is to press for the reintegration of teacher Cristiane Banhol to the City Hall staff. The movement is supported by an online petition, organized by Conlutas, which already has more than 600 signatures and support from approximately 60 entities. The case gained state repercussions, with the involvement of several unions and associations.

The municipal server was the target of an administrative proceeding last year, after denouncing the lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for health professionals via the internet. After decisions and appeals, the procedure was closed with a punishment of 15 days of suspension. However, the investigation was reopened by the Ivan Cassaro government during the first half of 2021. In a new conviction, Banhol ended up being fired from the position she had occupied for 16 years, as a teacher in the basic education system.

This will be the first face-to-face session of the Chamber of Jaú since the middle of last year, when the pandemic began to affect the city more directly and legislative meetings began to take place via the Internet.

Persecution, Intimidation and Censorship

“Within the Jaú City Hall, complaints are treated as ‘fake news’ and lead to punishments for whistleblowers, such as teacher Cristiane Banhol, serving to threaten and punish those who dare to question and demand from the public administration the correct use of public resources and the protection of civil servants, as well as the population of Jauense. It is clearly a case of political persecution, of an undemocratic, intimidating and censorship nature”, says the text of the presentation of the online petition, which can be accessed through the link at the end of the article.

City Hall does not give details

Last week, the municipal secretary of government, lawyer Paulo Ivo, stated that municipal legislation does not allow details about the internal procedure to be disclosed. He limited himself to saying that there were irregularities in the procedure carried out during Rafael Agostini’s administration and that, therefore, it was necessary to resume it now.

The information behind the scenes is that the investigation was opened, under the accusation that Cristiane Banhol would have benefited politically from her demonstrations. If not reinstated, the teacher must resort to the common court.

Pocketnarista mayor exonerates a teacher who charged equipment for health professionals. Photo: Reproduction