Medrado is announced as a participant

Fernanda Medrado was announced as one of the participants in “A Fazenda 2021”. Record TV began releasing on Thursday (9) the list of pedestrians for the 13th edition of the reality show.

Today’s announcement was made on the program’s TikTok. In a video, the ex-Power Couple said she was nervous about the news.

I didn’t prepare for the show, but it’s a big dream for me to participate in the reality show. The audience can expect a very up, very fun person! he said

“Power Couple Brazil” and relationship crisis

Little known by the public when it was announced on the program, Fernanda Medrado, alongside DJ Claytão, was featured early in the reality show. Despite their success, the two were the first couple to be eliminated. Still, within two weeks of the program, they managed to show potential, including relationship instability.

Within the reality show, the singer said that her husband fought away from the cameras and that she felt pressured at various times.

Outside of “Power Couple”, Medrado said that he was trying to recover his marriage, even though he was still hurting his husband.

The rapper is the mother of Bryan, 7 years old, the result of another relationship, and Josh, almost two years old. It was during the youngest’s pregnancy that a crisis in the marriage began. She even talked about it within confinement.

rejection and adoption

During his participation in “Power Couple”, a video of Medrado singing a rap narrating his life story, recorded in 2015, went viral on social networks. She was adopted and, when she was just 2 years old, and faced a new drama in her life.

I was adopted and my adoptive mother passed away when I was between 2, 3 years old. She had four children, two women and two men. The oldest was 18 at the time, so she gave up everything, studying, college to be my mother. said

song about depression

With so many conflicts in a phase that the woman becomes more sensitive, such as pregnancy, Medrado developed depression, due to a crisis in her marriage and also after the death of her manager, Arnaldo Saccomani, in August of last year. She wrote the lyrics for the song “I want to live” (“I want to live”, in free translation).

It was all I was feeling at that moment. It reports everything I went through during the pregnancy, when I was depressed, at the time of my marriage and at the time my manager passed away, he brought the two together.

Success on Instagram

With 1.4 million followers on Instagram, she poses in several rehearsals and doesn’t expose her family much. Right after the TikTok announcement of “The Farm 2021”, she already celebrated the news.

Presented by Adriane Galisteu, “A Fazenda 2021”, 13th edition of the reality show, starts on September 14th.

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