Miley Cyrus Tells Why Her Shows Are Not Streamed Live

Miley Cyrus it has been featured at a number of festivals since face-to-face shows have returned to the world. However, she has a peculiarity… Even though her events are broadcast live over the internet, she does not allow her shows to be shown. So she’s going against the streaming culture. In a recent interview with The Howard Stern Show, she explained the reason for her decision.

People have become used to having live streaming shows at home. And part of the experience of a show, I say from the experience of my fans, is having the purpose of working hard to have money and be able to buy that ticket. This gives you a reason to live. When I was young, I washed windows to go see O-Town. I like to give this initiative to my fans, make them have a dream. I’m one of the only artists at these festivals that is declining to stream, not because I want to keep the show to myself, I want to share. However, I want people to really watch me live really“, she said.

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Miley Cyrus Defends Her Position After Criticism

Miley Cyrus has received a lot of fan criticism that doesn’t agree with that thought. This mainly affects international fans, which makes it even more difficult to see a show in person. Therefore, the singer had to explain herself. To fix the mistake, she promises to enter live material very soon.

I never want to disappoint my fans. I hope my appreciation for your support and loyalty is clear! If it wasn’t when I was discussing my decision not to broadcast the upcoming shows live, here’s a bit of clarification. The shows are ritualistic. There is a timeless process that I want to honor by keeping my live show experience exclusive to the ‘night crowd’. I believe in the power of live music to become a unique intimate experience.“she commented.

Miley to be continued: “I shared this interview just talking about myself, remembering that when I wanted to go see a show, it fueled my fire to work hard so I could go with my friends to see our favorite artist! This is a small part of the steps I’m talking about that lead you to the show. there is discomfort at live concerts…. Waiting in long lines to enter the venue or get goods and in doing so there is also a connection with other fans and members of the audience. The division in this world is often so deep that being in a space for a few hours where everyone has a common interest (the artist they came to see) is a wonderfully unique thing.“he mused.

Miley Cyrus Tells Why Her Shows Are Not Streamed Live
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She says she feels uncomfortable that people are judging her vocal abilities live when a show is broadcast, taking the naturalness out of the situation. “Now, speaking as an artist, making a mistake live is an inevitable part of the show! This creates an ‘in the moment’ experience that makes a song different from the record that has been played over and over by fans! But with social media’s harsh criticism, to be honest, I don’t want to put myself in a position to be ridiculed note for note LIVE for 90 minutes. As a singer who prides herself on singing LIVE, mistakes happen and it makes me feel a lot of pressure to be perfect, which takes my focus off the crowd in front of me.“, he said.

Miley Cyrus still defends the class of artists who are starting. “I also want to keep live music relevant for artists with smaller platforms than I have or are at different stages of their careers. Performing live is how they support themselves. I don’t want small concert halls to go extinct. There are already so many iconic clubs at risk“.

Finally, she sent a message to fans around the world. “NOW talking to my international fans! I realize how disturbing this is, but I promise that I will provide content and performances for my fans to crave… I recently made big changes around my career and a very important factor for this was YOU“he concludes.

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