Mirella Santos opens the game about Ilha Record bullshit and confirms enmity with Nadja Pessoa

Mirella Santos and Nadja Pessoa
Mirella Santos talks about her rivalry with Nadja Pessoa and her participation in Ilha Record (Images: Playback – PlayPlus / Editing – RD1)

Mirella Santos participated in the first season of Island Record and although it was not one of the two finalists, it was popular with the public and won R$ 250,000 in the vote among all participants. The famous echoed her participation in the reality show and recalled her rivalry with Nadja person.

In an interview with Fábia Oliveira, Gêmea Lacração explained that she was unable to resolve these disputes with Nadja, because her disaffection blocked her from all possible social networks:

I still couldn’t get right with Nadja Pessoa and she blocked me out. We argued inside and afterward she even posted false things and lies about me. I’m good, I know my place, you know? Nadja knows her character”.

Mirella also made it clear that she doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone, despite all the fights, and wanted to look for her rival so that this matter could be buried with the end of Ilha Record:

There are people who stayed away from me and others were close after the reality show ended. I don’t have anger or resentment towards anyone and that’s fine with me. It happened. Really. What I decided is not to talk anymore, not to fight and not to argue anymore. Out here I want peace. But I think Nadja needs better as a person”.

Now talking more about the program, the darling of the audience pointed out what was the best moment she had during these months of confinement and the worst of them:

The best moment was that I discovered that I have strength and that I can overcome difficulties. When I won that test with Any. The worst moment was hearing during an argument that I was not representing the woman from Pernambuco. I was devastated. I always talk about where I am from, I love my origins, I love Pernambuco”.

Mirella Santos was asked what she is going to do with the award she won in the final of the reality show, which took place on Thursday (9), and confessed that she is still undecided:

I want to save this R$250 thousand. God willing, I want to multiply this value, I want to work hard to be able to conquer more and more. I don’t have many plans, no. I didn’t make any plans. But now I want to save”.

MC Loma’s musical partner did not rule out the idea of ​​participating in such a program once again, although this is not in their plans at first:

After I participated in Ilha Record, I was like ‘my God, I don’t ever want to participate in another reality show’. I was afraid of attacks, I was criticized and people saying that I didn’t know how to play. I even thought: ‘this reality life is not for me’. But, we should never say that ‘I will not drink this water’”.

Continuing the subject, the former Ilha Record participant imagined what would make her accept the invitation to another confinement and how she would act if she lived this challenge again:

I don’t know how I’m going to be thinking from now on and if I’m invited, I have to see the proposal and evaluate it. What I do know is that anyone needs to seize opportunities. If I join a new reality show, I have to have a good head, I have to be prepared and I have to learn to be a good player, right?”.

Finally, Mirella stated that she does not regret her trajectory and defined her feeling of being honored by the public for this award and important title:

I was also very happy and felt very loved and welcomed by everyone. It’s a unique feeling and I think everyone should have that good feeling (…) I wouldn’t do anything different. I did everything my way and I think that’s what led me to win the public award. People identified with me. I’m very happy with my trajectory.”.

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