Missing, AstraZeneca vaccinated most Brazilians against covid – News

Suffering once again with the lack of API (Active Pharmaceutical Input), the vaccine against covid-19 Astrazeneca/Oxford leads immunization in Brazil by far and was responsible for the application of 86,891,829 of the doses administered in Brazil (44.79%).

The data were compiled by researchers from the Portal Covid-19 Brazil, Wesley Cota and Leonardo Medeiros, based on official statistics from the Ministry of Health updated until last Friday (10).

With 150 million doses contracted and another 60 million still in negotiations, the brand can still close the year 2021 as the absolute leader of the PNI (National Immunization Plan) surpassing even Pfizer, which has 200 million doses contracted for this year.

In addition to AstraZeneca, Brazil has three other vaccines with emergency or definitive registration from Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency). Right after Astrazeneca, there is the Coronavac vaccine, with application of 65,302,401 doses (33.66%). Next comes Pfizer, which applied 37,302,691 (19.23%) and Johnson’s 4,483,488 doses (2.31%).

However, the lack of IFA from abroad has hampered FioCruz’s deliveries. At this time, the laboratory has been for more than a week without producing new doses, which are already lacking in hair. minus five Brazilian states. The problem should only be solved as of November, when Fiocruz plans to make its first delivery with nationally manufactured inputs.