Moraes may determine measures against Bolsonaro in three inquiries

the minister of STF (Federal Court of Justice) Alexandre de Moraes he is the rapporteur of six investigations aimed at the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party), their relatives or close people, three of whom run in court and have him investigated: fake news, interference in the command of the Federal Police and one on the leak of secret investigation about hacker invasion of justice systems Election in 2018.

According to a Folha report, there are no open decisions that require immediate compliance by Bolsonaro, but, according to people with knowledge of the investigations, Moraes is considering measures.

The minister was the target of direct criticism and even a curse from Bolsonaro during the demonstrations in support of his government last September 7th. The president stated that he would violate any decisions made by Moraes, and called him a scoundrel.

Later, Bolsonaro released a note, which had the collaboration of the former president Michel Temer, a personal friend of Moraes, retreating from attacks on the magistrate and the Supreme Court.

Also according to the newspaper, Moraes gave no indications that he would “relieve” Bolsonaro’s side, and the prospect is that the minister will keep up the pace with the investigations.

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