New details from God of War: Ragnarok; developer comments on Angrboda’s race

The IGN website had the opportunity to chat with Santa Monica Studio and we have new details for God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok

History, Kratos and Atreus

In the first article, the story of the new game. Ragnarok it doesn’t start immediately after 2018, as the game trailer showed, but that in-between time is nevertheless important.

“Once these characters are on a journey, we want them to progress, change and have setbacks. Even the simplest thing of, and if we extrapolate what is happening during Fimbulwinter”, said the director of Ragnarok, Eric Williams, to the IGN website in an interview.

“Do you think Kratos just let the boy out doing nothing? They are working. Kratos’ very simple lesson is that Spartans never have their backs turned. This was distilled in Atreus, but [Kratos teve esse crescimento que, embora] the way he was raised was simply brutal, it doesn’t have to be that way now. The same lessons can be taught… he could just keep to his old habits and beat him up, but the boy walks away. Kratos wants to hold him tight. The boy wants to go, but Kratos knows what it’s like.”

“One of the things that really impressed me was this idea that we see him grow so much at the end of the last game, but no one really comes to him after he finds out the kid is Loki that his wife didn’t tell him the truth. This person he trusted in his life, she still kept a secret for him,” Williams explained about the territory he wanted to explore in Ragnarok.

“Now he can’t ask her that, he can’t ask her why, so he has to hold on to the bottom. He had these other traumas, and now he has this. It’s very mental, for the guy who wants to deal with problems, they are difficult problems for him to solve”, he continued. “He also has questions. Who should he ask? As you can see in the trailer, we’ve incorporated that. Fans have a lot of questions. We haven’t shown anything for a long time. We want to give them a lot of answers, but we wanted to ask a lot of new questions at the same time.”

But pointing to moments like the opening of God of War 2018, a quiet father-and-son hunting trip, Williams believes these kinds of moments are part of the plot of Kratos and Atreus’ story, and it’s an idea shared by the director of 2018 game, Cory Barlog. “The best moments in games, the best moments in movies are the joy of the mundane,” said Barlog. “The beauty and the true moments of truth… it’s so normal and something I can relate to. And then there’s a giant troll or a dragon nearby.”

God of War: Ragnarok


In the second article, it is discussed about the combat. “For being the first time [na cadeira do diretor], I’m going to take the history lessons from the past and I’m going to use them to try to do this. so in Ragnarok, what we’re trying to do specifically with Kratos, we’re trying to give the player a lot more expressiveness.”

The director was referring to some of the choices surrounding Kratos’ equipment, which players had much more control over in 2018 compared to previous games. He also talked about Atreus, who often served as an auxiliary in combat, who had a limited number of follow-up moves and combos he could perform while players controlled Kratos.

God of War: Ragnarok

“The way [ele e Kratos] relate, he’s grown up quite a bit, so he has a lot more accompaniments and settings for Kratos,” he continued, although he noted that the team is equally ensuring the set of enemy players face can match these new moves.

“The creatures, then, obviously need to have tools to go against this, otherwise you’re going to destroy them. So the creatures have new things that you’re going to need to think, ‘oh, maybe I need to break them with Atreus first, or do this with Kratos,’ Williams noted.

God of War: Ragnarok

Nine Realms

The second article also reveals that we will walk through all Nine Realms in God of War: Ragnarok.

“Going to all Nine Realms, that was big for me, for making the old new again. Any realm you’ve been to before, because Fimbulwinter hit you, have somehow changed. That doesn’t mean that all realms are affected by snow, by the way. I think it’s a misnomer… Fimbulwinter is an event that changes realms in different ways. Midgard is the cataclysmic epicenter, so it has permafrost, almost if you want it.”

Parallel to this, on Twitter, screenwriter Matt Sophos from Santa Monica Studio defended the race of the new character Angrboda.

Responding to some users who complain that she’s not white, Matt said: “Do they also have blue dwarfs in Norse mythology? Was Loki the son of a Greek demigod? Please show me in the Eddas where it says that all Jötunn were white as lily? Let me save you time… you can’t. I read them”.

In another tweet, he says: You *know* that Jötunn isn’t real, right? Can they be anyone or anything? Are some even giant snakes? But I understand. You were just fine with Jörmungandr because your scales were white, right? Well, good luck to you. I hope you can find a game that suits your sensibilities better.”

God of War: Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok will be released in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.