Nutrologist explains vegan diet used by Neymar to lose weight

Returning from a hectic vacation, Neymar appeared visibly out of shape in commitments by the Brazilian team. criticized by a supposed overweight, the player mocked the charges he had been receiving and called himself “little fat“. According to ‘UOL’, Neymar adopted a vegan diet to dry in a few days. But is this method really effective?

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To explain the functionality of the strategy used by the Brazilian, the There! spoke with Dr. Wilson Rondó Júnior, specialist at Jolivi Natural Health and author of the book Emagreça e Apareça.

This diet is not recommended by the nutrologist with his patients and in his book. He reminds, however, that in vegan food, it is not possible to continue eating meat or food of any animal origin, forget it. The nutrologist clarifies that, in this type of diet, only vegetables, vegetables, cereals and fruits are included in the food plan.

– Each of us has a nutritional need for macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat). I understand that people should test the vegan diet for themselves. Some people will adapt well, some will not. The important thing is to know what your metabolic type is, what your macronutrient needs are, and this will indicate whether you can safely do this type of diet – he began.

– In the case of vegans, they have a greater need for ingestion of amino acids, of vegetables, which guarantee an adequate supply of protein. Thus, they find an adequate level of amino acid intake in cereals, such as nuts and pulses, and it is essential for high-performance athletes, as is the case with Neymar – completed Dr. Wilson Rondó Júnior.


Dr. Wilson Rondó Júnior is a vascular surgeon and nutrologist (Photo: Disclosure)

The expert claims that not just anyone can use the vegan diet. According to him, the need for macronutrients varies from person to person. Thus, only those who fit this appropriate profile will benefit from the strategy.

– The vegan diet fits into 25% of the general population, which meets the macronutrient profile. It is the metabolic test, which indicates the need for macronutrients that each of us has. Only those who fit this dietary profile will benefit from energy, well-being and health with the vegan diet. For this it is also important to supplement, which will offer the individual the benefits of vitamins of animal origin, such as vitamin A and D, for example – he said.