Oi expands coverage in the Southern Region of Brazil and starts offering services in six more cities

The operator Oi announced, this Friday (10), that it will switch to offer its services in six more municipalities located in the South Region from the country. The action is part of the customer base expansion plan that the company is running.

The six municipalities covered by Oi’s services are:

  • Garibaldi (RS);
  • Mediator (PR);
  • Palms (PR);
  • Piraquara (PR);
  • I├žara (SC);
  • Ituporanga (SC).

Residents of these cities will be able to contract Oi’s broadband internet services over optical fiber with up to 1 Giga speed, TV (IPTV) and fixed telephony (VOIP), in addition to other business plans with some differentials.

In the South Region, the company already offers Oi Fibra in 44 cities and continues with the strategy of expanding the number of homes connected with Oi Fibra, where it already has more than 3 million home passed in this part of Brazil.

According to data from Anatel, Oi increased the number of clients in the South by 198% in the last 12 months (June/2020 to June/2021), while the market average was 59%.

In the last 30 days, according to Anatel’s report (May/2021 to June/2021), Oi’s fiber optic service grew by 4.8% while the market average retracted 8.3%.

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