Palmeiras x Flamengo: find out which team has the most valuable squad in Brasileirão; teams face each other today


Palmeiras x Flamengo are scheduled to meet this Sunday afternoon (12), at Allianz Parque, in a game valid for the 20th round of the Brasileirão


Palmeiras x Flamengo face off today (12), for the Brasileirão (Photo: 2021 Getty Images)

Owners of the most valuable casts in the brazilian, Palm trees x Flamengo starring in the interstate classic this Sunday (12) afternoon, from 4 pm (Brasilia time), at Allianz Parque, in São Paulo, by 20th round of the national competition. And here, in the Bolavip Brazil, you can check the main news about the game.

O red-black has a more valuable cast compared to Alviverde. According to information from the specialized website Transfermarkt, the Most Wanted in Brazil is valued at 148.6 million euros (something around R$921 million at the current price), while Verdão has market value total of 143.2 million euros (R$ 887.5 million).

In short, Flamengo is responsible for highest rated team in Brazil, followed by Palmeiras. The average age of the players is also similar: 27 years old (palmeira athletes) and 27.2 (Flemish players), according to Transfermarkt.

What is at stake in Palmeiras x Flamengo

It is worth noting that Abel Ferreira’s team occupies the vice-leadership of the Brasileirão, with 35 points, four behind Atlético-MG, and needs the victory to follow Rooster’s tail. Flamengo is in fifth place and is trying to enter the G4 of the championship.