Photos from the intimate wedding of Carol Celico and Eduardo Scarpa

Couple will have a major ceremony at the end of the month

The newlyweds still intend to hold a bigger ceremony, inviting more friends, on September 25th. The church chosen for the first part of the formalization of the union is one of the most famous churches in São Paulo, which has hosted famous weddings such as Fernanda Souza and Thiaguinho, who maintain a good relationship even after the divorce, Felipe Massa and Raffaela Bassi, among others famous.

Carol Celico was careful with the choice of the first date, which was originally in March, but was postponed due to the pandemic. “I chose September 9th because it was the day I founded the Amor Horizontal Foundation and also because it is a very special date for both of us, which marks five years from when we got closer,” she told “Caras”.

Carol Celico’s wedding dress drew sighs: ‘Elegant, no ostentation’

The socialite opted for a well-thought-out production for the dress for the occasion, but, due to the intimate nature of the ceremony, she chose not to show it, unlike Viviane Araújo, whose dress featured 40,000 crystals at the beginning of the month.

“Because it’s a daytime ceremony and it’s small, I wanted an elegant, unostentatious dress model,” she explained. The dress was made exclusively by stylist Paula Raia and has a midi format, with lace and a skirt of strategic volume. The production also featured a short sleeve and a collar that resembles a shirt collar.

On a previous occasion, while chatting with fans on Instagram, Carol Celico said that she believes that the marriage to Kaká, whom she married when she was only 18 years old and ended in 2015, would have less chance of separation. “Living experiences alone and learning from mistakes. Understanding what you like, what is most important, values ​​and principles that I want for me and my family. Everything would help. Maybe…”, she said in June of this year.