Presenter exposes the real reason for Ana Hickmann’s hatred for Adriane Galisteu

Adriane Galisteu and Ana Hickmann are rivals (Image: Reproduction – Twitter / Editing – RD1)

the enmity of Adriane Galisteu and Ana Hickmann continues to yield, almost ten years after the confusion between them, and was the subject of the best of the afternoon from last Thursday (9).

On the occasion, presenter Catia Fonseca spoke about Ana Hickmann’s decision not to participate in Hoje em Dia when she learned that Galisteu would be one of the guests.

It was then that the specialist in signs, André Mantovanni, revealed the reason why the hurt has been cultivated by Ana for so long, while Galisteu has already shown that he has overcome it.

He found out that Ana Hickmann’s sign is Pisces and explained: “Pisceans are more resentful… Unlike Aryans, who explode and fight [apenas na hora]”.

And that’s exactly what happened. In 2012, Adriane Galisteu talked a lot in her gossip show in Band and said that Ana would become a better person after she had a child.

That left Alexandre Correa, Ana’s husband, revolted, raging against Galisteus in interviews. Now, Galisteu went to Ana’s program to announce the participants of A Fazenda, but the hostess insisted on not going.

On social networks, the repercussion was immediate and the case divided opinions. “Ana Hickmann is at home, maintaining Galisteu’s social distance”, mocked one person.

“Dying that Ana actually asked for a day off from Hoje em Dia just so she wouldn’t share a stage with Galisteu”, mocked another. “Their bullshit has been going on for over 10 years, people, how much hate is this in your heart? HAHAHAHAHA”, mocked one more.

“Apparently not even a child made her a better person”, set off another, citing Adriane’s statement that had sparked all the fuss.

It is worth remembering that, in 2016, when Ana Hickmann was attacked, her rival was asked about the matter on her YouTube channel. In response, she showed all her humanity and fired:

“I was horrified. She made me cry and I was watching as everyone followed and I was shocked. I think everyone has a story to tell on this subject, especially who is famous. I’m kind of crazy magnet too, but I’m not afraid of them”.

On the internet, the public sided with Adriane Galisteu and weighed in the comments against the other famous one.

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