Protests against Bolsonaro from 12/09 will call for impeachment

Opponents of the government will take to the streets this Sunday (12) to protest against President Jair Bolsonaro and ask for his impeachment. The demonstrations are being called in several capitals by right-wing organizations not aligned with Bolsonaro, such as the Free Brazil Movement (MBL), Vem Pra Rua and Livres. There will also be the participation of leaders from the center and the left, as well as personalities from outside politics. According to the organizers of the demonstrations, Bolsonaro’s retreat from the crisis between the powers that be will not cool down the acts, nor will it change the agenda of the protests.

“All political spectrums are being invited to participate,” he tells People’s Gazette deputy Kim Kataguiri (DEM-SP), member and one of the main leaders of the MBL. According to Kataguiri, the presence, for example, of presidential candidates Ciro Gomes (PDT) and senator Alessandro Vieira (Cidadania-CE), senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS), federal deputy Orlando Silva (PCdoB), singer Tico Santa Cruz, among others.

To bring together politicians of different ideologies, the organizers are betting on a single agenda: Bolsonaro’s removal from the presidency. Other issues, especially those involving the 2022 elections, will be left for another moment.

“Our objective is to form a broad front to take a stand against the president’s undemocratic speeches. We will see the 2022 agenda later, this is not the time”, says the executive director of Livres, Magno Karl. “We need to act first, to ensure democratic continuity until 2022.”

Bolsonaro declarations contributed to increased membership

President Jair Bolsonaro’s statements to his supporters in the September 7 demonstrations – especially that he would not obey the decisions of the Supreme Court (STF) Minister Alexandre de Moraes – contributed to the center and left-wing politicians joining the demonstrations. organized by the right that opposes the government.

On Wednesday (8), São Paulo’s PSDB informed that it would support the protests on the 12th. The party’s state president, Marco Vinholi, said that “Bolsonaro’s speeches broke the last barrier of patience for all of us” . On the same day, the party’s national executive announced that it would formally become an acronym for opposition to the Bolsonaro government.

The PDT, in turn, declared its support for the acts of the 12th, saying that it was “a reaction from the democratic camp to the rise of the coupist regime”. Following the same rhetoric of the organizers of the events, the national president of the acronym, Carlos Lupi, stated that “the electoral dispute of 2022 is for later”.

Presidential Ciro Gomes, from the PDT, confirmed his presence at this Sunday’s demonstration in São Paulo. “I will go to the demonstration on the 12th on Avenida Paulista and I will always try to go to other demonstrations that are called against Bolsonaro. Whatever the sacrifice and risk this represents, there is something greater than anything: the future of Brazil and our democracy”, tweeted on Thursday (9).

4 union centrals confirm that they are going to the protests against Bolsonaro; PT and CUT not

Presidents of four union centrals – Força Sindical, União Geral dos Trabalhadores (UGT), Central dos Syndicatos Brasileiros (CSB) and New Union Central de Trabalhadores – confirmed, through a letter, their support for the protests of September 12th. The Brazilian Workers Center (CTB) told the Poder 360 website that it will also call for protests for the impeachment of Bolsonaro.

However, some social movements that organized the protests against Bolsonaro on the 7th indicated that they will not be present, as the acts were called for a long time and with the motto “neither Lula nor Bolsonaro”. “We are not willing to take on a supporting role,” he told People’s Gazette Raimundo Bonfim, coordinator of the Social Movements Center and member of the Fora Bolsonaro Campaign – linked to the PT.

The Workers’ Single Central (CUT), also linked to the PT, will not participate. In a note on its website, the CUT clarified that it will not summon its followers to the acts as it considers that the right-wing movements that are organizing the demonstrations “contributed to the 2016 coup” – a reference to the impeachment of former president Dilma Rousseff.

The PT, although it has said that it encourages all acts in defense of impeachment, will not summon its sympathizers and affiliates to the protests. The president of the party, Gleisi Hoffmann, said on Wednesday (8) that the party’s objective will be “to build a great national act unified with those who defend democracy”, but did not mention the protest on the 12th.

On Friday (10), the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM), said he would join the protests and asked that the PT also join the mobilization for impeachment. “I’ve already been attacked by the MBL and I’ll be at Paulista on the 12th. To defend their right to attack me democratically. I appeal to left-wing parties, especially the PT, to unify the act. Democracy, vaccines, jobs and food is not on the left. nor on the right, it belongs to humanity,” tweeted Ramos.

The Psol is another leftist party that will not participate in this Sunday’s mobilization. According to Carta Capital magazine, the national president of the acronym, Juliano Medeiros, justified his absence saying that the demonstrations “were not built together”.

Retreat does not cool protests against Bolsonaro, organizers say

After the negative repercussions in Brasília and in the financial market about Bolsonaro’s speeches during the events of September 7, the president waved a truce to ease tensions with the STF. In a note released on Thursday afternoon (9), Bolsonaro said he had no intention of attacking the powers that be.

For the organizers of the protests on the 12th, the signal of moderation expressed in the statement is an “illusion”. Citing other occasions when a truce had been proposed, Magno Karl of the Livres movement said Bolsonaro “cannot betray his nature” of confrontation.

THE People’s Gazette, he said the president’s retreat does not weaken the call for the president’s impeachment. According to Karl, “Bolsonaro lacks credibility as a voice of moderation” and “is likely to return to attacks on institutions and democracy soon.” “We hope [o recuo de Bolsonaro] bring us even more support, with this show of weakness, lack of conviction and that Bolsonaro is capable of doing anything to get rid of some pressure, including raffling off his most loyal supporters.”

In the evaluation of deputy Kim Kataguiri, the president is cornered and wants a momentary truce to reorganize. “He knows he’s at risk of being arrested along with his children. He might even try to make up his undemocratic intentions with this tactical retreat, but the demonstration will remain firm in defense of democracy and for the impeachment of Bolsonaro. Let’s not be fooled by this curtain. of smoke,” says Kataguiri.

The expectation of the organizers is that a great popular mobilization will pressure the deputies to open a request for an impeachment process against the president.

Where will the protests against Bolsonaro take place

The main protests against Bolsonaro will take place in Rio de Janeiro, on Copacabana Beach, at 10 am; in Brasília, in front of the Congress, at 2 pm; and in São Paulo, on Avenida Paulista, at 2 pm.

According to the MBL, events are also scheduled in at least 12 other capitals:

  • Belo Horizonte – MG | 10 am – Praça da Liberdade
  • Curitiba – PR | 3 pm – Cursed Mouth
  • Fortaleza – CE | 3 pm – Praça Portugal
  • Florianópolis-SC | 2 pm – XV de Novembro Square
  • Goiania – GO | 3 pm – In front of the Federal Police
  • Porto Alegre – RS | 3 pm – Goethe Avenue Walkway
  • Vitória – ES | 9:30 am – Pope’s Square
  • Belem – PA | 4 pm – Avenida Visconde de Souza Franco (Dock)
  • Goiania – GO | 3 pm In front of the Federal Police
  • Teresina – PI | 4 pm – Estaiada Bridge Complex
  • João Pessoa – PB | 3 pm – Largo da Gameleira
  • Recife – PE | 1pm – Ground Zero