Race Direction punishes Verstappen for accident with Hamilton in Italy

The end of the race for Verstappen and Hamilton at the Italian GP (Photo: Reproduction)

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash: Red Bull’s car stays over Mercedes’ (Video: F1)

About two hours after the conclusion of the Italian GP, ​​the race direction gave its verdict on the incident that involved Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the race this Sunday (12) in Monza. After a meeting with the stewards, drivers and members of the Mercedes and Red Bull teams, Verstappen was found guilty of the collision and was punished with the loss of three grid positions at the Russian GP, ​​which takes place in two weeks on the circuit installed in the Park Olympic of Sochi.

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The punishment imposed on Verstappen brings the prospect of a move already awaited by Red Bull, which for weeks has been planning to change the engine of the Dutchman’s car. The replacement is expected since the end of the Hungarian GP. The use of the fourth engine would result in the loss of all positions on the grid, and the punishment foreseen for the Russian GP would make Red Bull seize the opportunity.

Shortly after the conclusion of the incredible race this afternoon in Monza, won by Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren, the two great rivals in the title fight blamed each other for the incident. Hamilton said Verstappen didn’t budge in the fight for position in the chicane of Turn 1, while the Dutchman, the championship leader five points clear of Lewis, said the Brit had squeezed him into that section of the circuit.

Close-up image shows how halo saved Lewis Hamilton’s life in an accident with Max Verstappen (Photo: AFP)

“Car #44 was coming out of the pits. Car #33 was on the main straight. 50 meters before turn 1, car #44 was significantly ahead of #33, which applied the brakes later and was side-by-side with #44, but never got ahead,” the FIA ​​statement said.

“The driver of car #33 claimed that #44 was to blame, which opened the steering wheel in turn 1 and squeezed it into turn 2. The driver of car #44 said that the driver of car #33 tried to overtake too late and should have given up. of the curve”, he continued.

“In the opinion of the stewards, the maneuver of car #33 came too late, meaning that there was no right to have space [na curva 2]. The #44 car could turn the steering wheel more to avoid the accident, but the stewards determined that the positioning was sensible, meaning that the #33 is mostly to blame.”

In addition to the punishment with the loss of three grid positions in Sochi, Verstappen now accumulates his first two points in the penalty portfolio, valid for 12 months.

F1 follows in two weeks, on September 24-26, with the Russian GP.


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