Rafa Kalimann is threatened with death and worries family members

Former BBC Rafa Kalimann, as well as countless other famous people, suffers attacks on the internet by haters. In one of these episodes, the Globo presenter was “cancelled” after a controversial video. In an interview for the Podcast Pod Delas with Tata Estaniecki Cocielo and Bruna Unzueta, Manu Gavassi’s friend gave an outburst about the death threats she received.

After posting a video from an evangelical pastor with lines considered homophobic by netizens about gay marriage, she received a barrage of criticism. “It’s the first time I’m talking about a pastor talking about gay marriage, and my view of the video was very different from what the video actually is. And I recognized it immediately”, she confessed.

The influencer explained that she did not intend to hurt people in the LGBTQIA+ community. According to her, who got emotional when talking about the subject, when sharing the message, she had no such intention. “I shared it with the intention of showing… It’s very difficult to talk about, precisely who uses the word to disrespect, and I’ll never agree with that”, he stated.

So I shared the video without paying attention to the context it actually has and I hurt a lot of people. I recognize that. When I posted, my friends called me… I don’t want to talk (…). I was very sad, because at the time my despair was having hurt the people I love, you know?”, she continued, moved.

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Rafa had the support of friends and his family, but the constant attacks messed with his emotions. “It was really bad for me to live that, but I learned. I was very welcomed by my friends and I tried to learn even more. To help in any way, I have to have property to speak. So I messed up with that”,he said.

To make matters worse, in addition to the offenses, she received messages with death threats at the time, which left the family on alert. “It was really heavy. It’s liberating to talk about. It’s the first time I decided to speak”, completed the Globo artist.

The program Casa Kalimann premiered in April and was another reason the famous was attacked. In her first experience as a presenter, mistakes can happen, however, the internet didn’t forgive and once again, the subject was a “full plate” for those who already oozed hatred against the ex-BBB.

During BBB21, Rafa even criticized Karol Conka’s attitudes within Boninho’s program, calling her “empty”. Months later, unintentionally, ex-BBB Kerline recorded the rapper’s voice in one of the stories, where the singer called Kalimann’s program “empty”. “He called me empty, look who has the program empty”, commented the owner of the hit “Diluvio”.

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