Realities don’t stop coming to TV. There’s even barbecue – Prism

Realities shows have come to occupy a very special space in Brazilian TV programming and have been receiving large investments from channels such as Globo and Record for a long time. As a matter of fact, just as a detail, the premiere of “A Fazenda 13” takes place on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, but still without the same intensity, pay TV has also been moving in the reality segment. For example, a production by the Space channel, from WarnerMedia, is already announced: “Churrasqueiros”.

A successful format in Mexico, it will arrive in Brazil on October 23, at 10:30 pm, under the command of the chef from Paraná, Rick Bolzani, with the proposal of finding the most talented barbecue chefs in the country.

The channel’s new original reality show will be produced by Chango Produções, the same company that already worked with Fábio Porchat at Record and with Leandro Hassum at TNT.

In 2019, the program had a Mexican version and the second edition is already under development. Now, the franchise will be present in two more countries: Brazil and Chile.

Over six episodes of 30 minutes each, “Barbecues” will seek, through weekly challenges, the boldest, most creative people and the ones who make the best barbecue, showing their skills when it comes to fire and grilling.

Spectacular Sunday

In today’s edition of “Domingo Espetacular”, a conversation with Adriane Galisteu at the headquarters of the reality “A Fazenda” in Itapecerica da Serra. She also accepted to face some tasks that the next workers will have to face and lived a day as a “farmer”, putting her hands dirty.

In the interview, between one task and another, Galisteu comments on what he expects from the program: “We’re going to take off. There’s only one way. ‘Farm’ is ready and pumping. There’s plenty of wood for us to put on the fire.” The new season of rural reality starts next Tuesday.

back foot

Although the TV Network! stating that the debut of “Operation Cupid” will take place later this month of September, there are many people at the station thinking it will be in October.

And all due to the always busy schedule of presenter Luciana Gimenez.

right decision

With the pandemic still very much on display, the Band decided, once again, not to party at the closing of “MasterChef”.

Everything is already properly recorded and kept under lock and key, including the name of the big winner of the season.

new face

Lana Rhodes will debut in “In the Times of the Emperor”.

In Globo’s six o’clock soap opera, the actress and ex-paquita plays Elisa Lynch, partner of dictator Solano Lopez, role of Roberto Birindelli.

Time Tunnel

One of the proposals of “Zig Zag Arena”, a new program by Fernanda Gentil for Globo’s Sundays, is to awaken people’s affective memory with popular children’s games.

Thus, the first block will be destined to ‘MiniGame’, a mixture of playful games: sack race, tug of war, catch, among others.


According to a survey by Globo, more than 110 million people followed the 2020 edition of “The Voice Brasil” on open TV and on Multishow.

On its internet platforms, the program led by Tiago Leifert was also a success.

bet list

Singer MC Gui took a break from social media and many took it as an escalation signal in “A Fazenda13”. A mystery that ends next Tuesday. So we could have two singers.

Nego do Borel has already been announced.


The municipality of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, in Minas Gerais, has received in recent years several film productions, series and soap operas.

And that’s where SBT is setting up some recordings of the soap opera “Poliana Moça” in October.


By the way, there was no other: actress Allana Lopes, interpreter of Bila in Jacó, sixth phase of “Genesis”, even closed with SBT to join the cast of “Poliana Moça”.

It was in the plans from the start, but the pandemic made it difficult for production to proceed. Now, all right.


The format “Astral Journey”, a new show by Angelica for HBO Max, was entirely created here, and is signed by screenwriter and journalist Carol Albuquerque.

The production is by Conspiração Filmes, the same as in the series “Under Pressure”.


“Pai Herói”, a 1979 soap opera, arrives at Globoplay on the 27th. A great success by Janete Clair with Tony Ramos, Elizabeth Savala, Glória Menezes, Carlos Zara, Paulo Autran, Rosamaria Murtinho, Cláudio Cavalcanti, Lélia Abramo, Jonas Bloch , Flávio Migliaccio, Jorge Fernando, among others. Opening theme had Fábio Júnior, “Father”.

Also note the strength of his direction: Gonzaga Blota, Walter Avancini and Roberto Talma.

six o’clock soap opera

Rafael Delgado, after the first season of the series “Dom”, on Amazon Prime, recorded a participation in the soap opera “Nos Tempos do Imperador”, as historian and diplomat Joaquim Nabuco.

He will share scenes with Renan Monteiro, in the role of Machado de Assis, starting in chapter 90.

international film

On vacation at Globo after “Amor de Mãe”, Isis Valverde is waiting for the station’s next call. There are also projects involving cinema, such as “As Fabulosas Aventuras de Inês”, the actress’ first international work.

According to the producers, filming will begin in early 2022.


The Band Jornalismo channel on YouTube reached the number of 3 million subscribers, with more than 3,300 new registrations per day, resulting in 1 million new subscribers in 300 days. During this period, there were almost 500 million video views, more than 28 million hours of content watched by the audience and more than 14,000 videos added since January 1st, surpassing the 17 billion impressions mark on the platform.

The numbers made Band Jornalismo the biggest news channel on TV, with 38 million unique users in the last 90 days.


• Rodrigo Sant’anna will debut on Netflix and keep all his shows on Multishow…

• … The streaming service has increasingly facilitated the “transit” of contractors…

• …Wanessa Camargo, just as one more example, is also getting ready to debut on Netflix and is on the “Show dos Famosos”.

• The reality show participant “profession” is still on the rise…

• …Arcrebiano Araújo, confirmed in “A Fazenda 13”, puts three in the account…

• …He has already done “BBB” and “No Limite”.

• Narjara Turetta recorded “Maldives”, a Netflix series with Bruna Marquezine.

• With the recording of “Maldives” finished, Marquezine is waiting for a second season…

• …It will all depend on the result of the first one.

• Directed by Gustavo Piaskoski, Daniel Del Sarto and Flávia Monteiro are filming “Dublê de Namorado”.

• Next Wednesday, at 23:30, GNT airs the last episode of “The Enigma of Dark Energy”, presented by Emicida…

• … In the program, the audience will be able to check out a reflection on how western society makes territorial advances, but is unable to create sustainable solutions to save its own species.

• Maria Bopp, also known as the character Blogeirinha do Fim do Mundo, participates on the 13th, at 4:25 pm, in the panel “The responsibility of speech: the filter of the (post?) pandemic”, organized by ViU Hub, Globo’s digital unit, at YouPix Summit 2021: from Meme to Business.