Researchers create chameleon robots with artificial “skin” capable of camouflaging itself; watch the video | Science

Researchers at the National University of Seoul, South Korea, built a chameleon robot covered by an artificial skin similar to the animal’s, capable of detecting colors and patterns in the environment and imitating them to camouflage itself. (Watch the video)

In the images released by the scientists, the chameleon robot walks through different panels. As the floor changes color, the little robot also changes immediately, blending in with the floor.

The lab-created chameleon skin uses a special ink that changes color based on the color temperature, detected by tiny flexible heaters.

A microprocessor receives information about the color of the environment. It has information about the temperatures needed to change the lizard’s skin color according to its surroundings.

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The aim of the invention, according to mechanical engineer and professor at Seoul National University, Ko Seung-Hwan, is to create a wearable device to change its color and patterns in real time.

“South Korea’s military uniform pattern is made for woods and certain colors. So if you wear this military uniform in the desert, it can be easily exposed. Actively changing colors and patterns to match different environments is key of cloaking technology. And we’ve made it possible,” Seung-Hwan told Reuters.

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