Revenue holds auction on Tuesday; see how to participate

Next Tuesday, September 14th, the Federal Revenue will hold an auction with seized or abandoned goods, stored in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina.

The 318 lots are very varied in types, prices and sizes. There are things like Lot 7, with almost 29 thousand lipstick bases and over 36 thousand lipstick caps, at R$ 90. A 2005 corsa at R$ 1000 in lot 267. And, one of the most outstanding lots, and which will probably receive higher bids, the 38, with 11 iPhone 12 Pro Max units, two standard iPhone 12, two iPhone 12 Pro and dozens of Xiaomi devices, for R$79,500.


Lots can be exclusive to individuals or companies, and they can also have different rules for payment and additional fees, such as storage, pick-up, deadlines and transportation. The rules for the auction can be seen in the notice, and the complete list, with simplified instructions, in this other file.

It is important to remember that an auction with the Internal Revenue Service is serious: the person needs to prove that they have a clean record with the government and there is no refund in any way. Buying entails an obligation to the Revenue and possible sanctions in case of payment failure or withdrawal.

The auction itself will be virtual and will be open at 9am on the 14th, with the link provided in the recipe home. But it is possible to place initial bids for the lots of interest, until 9 pm on Monday, the 13th.

Electronics usually come in large, expensive batches – they’re mostly contraband seizures. Vehicles can be found individually, but their status varies greatly. Vehicle legalization incurs additional fees and is not the responsibility of the Revenue.

Even if out of curiosity, it’s worth rummaging through the auction items. They can be accessed at:

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