Roberta Rodrigues tests positive for Covid-19 after becoming ill and seeking medical attention: ‘Strong malaise’

On air in “Nos Tempos do Imperador”, actress Roberta Rodrigues tested positive for Covid-19. The information was confirmed this Saturday by the artist’s team. She got the result of the test after feeling “a strong malaise”, which caused her to seek medical care in a hospital emergency in a hurry.

Confirmation of coronavirus infection arrived last Friday night. The actress’s husband, Guilherme Guimarães, also tested positive for Covid-19.

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“Due to her visit to the health unit, the strong malaise and the urgency of the testing, which was carried out at her home, with a team provided by Globo’s own production, the actress was unable to fulfill commitments, such as an interview scheduled for Fantastico, and will also move away from the recordings of the global soap opera until it is fully recovered”, says the statement sent by Roberta’s team.

The actress’ staff also points out that she has already taken the first dose of the vaccine and that it tested positive, despite taking precautions to avoid infection.

“She is following all medical recommendations and is being treated at home.” Roberta, through her team, called for people to be careful.

“Take care, please! Get vaccinated, take care of those you love and cheer for me and my family”, he asked.

Roberta and her husband, Guilherme
Roberta and her husband, Guilherme Photo: Publicity
Lupita (Roberta Rodrigues) in
Lupita (Roberta Rodrigues) in “Nos Tempos do Imperador” Photo: Paulo Belote/Globo/publication
Roberta Rodrigues
Roberta Rodrigues Photo: Reproduction – Instagram