Roberto Jefferson sentenced to pay R$300,000 for homophobic offenses against Eduardo Leite | Rio Grande do Sul

The national president of the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB), Roberto Jefferson, was ordered to pay BRL 300 thousand on account of homophobic offenses against the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB). The decision of the 16th Civil Court of the Central Court of Porto Alegre was issued on Friday (10). The defendant can appeal the sentence.

O G1 tries to contact Roberto Jefferson’s defense. The politician is in pre-trial detention on suspicion of participating in a digital militia aimed at attacks on democracy. Since September 5, the former federal deputy has been hospitalized in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Judge Ramiro Oliveira Cardoso accepted the complaint made by the Public Ministry (MP) of RS. The amount must be allocated to the Damaged Assets Reconstitution Fund, maintained by the MP.

The public civil action considered two manifestations made by the former deputy in March of this year. In one of them, on social networks, Jefferson “incited, in a foul way, prejudice against homosexuals, through the creation of factoid”, considered the magistrate.

The other speech was in an interview with a radio station in Porto Alegre. In the judge’s assessment, the PTB president “induced and incited discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation by associating the state governor’s alleged homosexual status with negative qualities.”

The magistrate also compared the offenses to the crime of racism.

“Framed as homophobic, the defendant’s speeches, comparable to the crime of racism, the affected community must be compensated”, maintained the judge.

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Eduardo Leite during the recording of the program “Conversa Com Bial” — Photo: Publicity

The judge also ordered the submission of the case so that the Federal District MP determines the Brazilian Labor Party’s civil responsibility, by default, in the case.

“Considering the defendant occupying the presidency of a national and historic party, it is a repugnant, inadmissible and hateful offense, given the punitive nature that should guide the moral damage in these cases,” he said.

Eduardo Leite spoke about his homosexuality, for the first time in public, during an interview with the program conversation with bial, gives TV Globo, in July this year.

VIDEO: 'My sexual orientation touches my life', says Eduardo Leite

VIDEO: ‘My sexual orientation touches my life’, says Eduardo Leite