Robson Conceição talks about “corrupt arbitration” after first defeat in boxing | boxing

After missing the chance to win the World Boxing Council super featherweight belt this Friday, Robson Conceição went to social media and complained about the unanimous decision of the judges. He lost on points to champion Óscar Valdez, from Mexico, in a fight held in Tucson, USA.

Better during the initial rounds, the Brazilian did not conform and disputed the result, which pointed to the victory for the opponent by 3-0 (double 115 to 112 and a surprising 117 to 110). It was the first loss in Robson’s professional career, after 16 wins, eight of which by knockout.

Robson Conceição vs. Oscar Valdez boxing super featherweight belt — Photo: Getty Image

– I am very grateful for the positive energies that you sent to me, before and after the fight. I’m not here to complain about the result. Those who watched, saw and agree with me. Unfortunately, boxing is a dirty sport with corrupt refereeing. But I remain firm and strong. I am very happy. The job was done. Ball that follows – said the boxer, on his instagram account.

– My face has only a few scratches. My opponent is, of course, completely deformed. But that’s it. I remain determined – concluded the 32-year-old Bahian, who made history at the Rio Olympics, winning the first boxing gold medal for the country.

Robson Conceição shows his face after a fight — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram