Sandy and Lucas Lima celebrate 13 years of marriage! See the couple’s cute moments | famous

In fairy tales, couples live “happily ever after” from the moment they say “yes” at the altar. In real life, it’s not like that. Marriage always has its ups and downs, but for Sandy and Lucas Lima, happiness and learning have lasted for 13 years.

The two met in 1998 at a show by the Lima family. They started dating the following year, in 1999. After some back and forth in the relationship, they got married in 2008. Reminisce on 13 cute moments of the couple.

Lucas recalls Sandy’s first dating request in 1999

In 2007 Lucas proposed to Sandy during a trip to Disney, and on September 12, 2008 they got married.

Sandy and Lucas on their wedding day, September 12, 2008 — Photo: Social media reproduction

At the end of 2013 Sandy and Lucas announced their pregnancy and in June 2014 little Theo was born. When she was pregnant, the singer performed with her husband at Altas Horas. The couple’s son is 7 years old.

Sandy pregnant with Theo with her husband Lucas Limas — Photo: Paulo Cardeal/TV Globo

It’s been 14 years since Sandy said yes to Lucas’s request and Disney remains a special and romantic place for the couple.

Sandy and Lucas: couple who are pure passion — Photo: Instagram

Always in love, they exchange statements on social networks, especially on commemorative dates, such as wedding anniversaries. In the eighth, Lucas posted a photo in which the two were on the same couch they met 18 years earlier.

Lucas also always declares himself on his wife’s birthdays. In 2020 he posted a photo on the beach during a trip and made a text recalling the first time he went to Sandy’s house, at her 16th birthday party.

Sandy is also a romantic and posted a photo of a kiss with a declaration of love to celebrate 10 years of marriage.

In addition to being partners in love, they also work together and have performed singing on TV several times. There are several projects that unite them. An example is the tour “Nossa História”, by Sandy & Junior, in which Lucas was the musical director.

The two are even cuter properly dressed for a Manta ray.

And they don’t let Christmas go by without that photo in front of the tree.

Sandy and Lucas also have fun and laugh together, including at work.

Always in a good mood, Lucas praises Sandy’s beauty with a post on Dia do Beijo.

And that fun photo can’t be missing, with the right grimace and all, right?

Congratulations, Sandy and Lucas! May many, many more years of joy come together! Check out the special videos:

Sandy and Lucas Lima sing 'Tempo'

Sandy and Lucas Lima sing ‘Tempo’

Lucas Lima opens the memory chest and shares an old record with Sandy

Lucas Lima opens the memory chest and shares an old record with Sandy

Sandy and Lucas Lima sing 'Wait for me'

Sandy and Lucas Lima sing ‘Wait for me’

Lucas Lima and Sandy have been married for 12 years

Lucas Lima and Sandy have been married for 12 years

Sandy claims that Lucas is not jealous

Sandy claims that Lucas is not jealous