Santa Cruz loses to Altos-PI and relegation to Serie D can be confirmed this Sunday (12)

Santa Cruz even had opportunities in the first half, especially with Pipico and Jaílson, but the script for the match this Saturday (11) against Altos-PI was the same as in the last games: wasted chances and conceded goal. At seven minutes into the second half, Tiaguinho took a risk from a distance and scored the goal that could seal the relegation of Tricolor do Arruda to Serie D. If there is any hope, it is to hope that Floresta-CE does not beat Tombense-MG this Sunday (12). If that happens, everything will be resolved on September 19, right in front of the Minas Gerais team.

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If the team from Ceará draws or loses the game, Santa Cruz’s hope is to win the last two matches and hope that the rival loses his two commitments. In addition, it is necessary to dry the Jacuipense-BA. The Bahians occupy the vice-lantern, with one point more than Cobra Coral, which has 11 points and only two victories in the competition.

game sheet

Holy Cross: Jordan; Lucas Rodrigues (Weriton), Breno Calixto, Willian Alves and Leonan; Caetano (Rondinelly), Tarcísio (Bruno Moraes), Augusto (Levi) and Jailson; Pipico and Wallace Pernambucano (Lelê). Technician: Roberto Fernandes. Scheme: 4-3-3.

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High-PI: Fabius; Gean (Cesinha), Mimica, Reinaldo Lobo and Tiaguinho; Jardel, Netinho and Rodrigo Andrade (Juninho Arcanjo); Klenisson (Crystian), Manoel (Leandro) and Betinho (Madson). Coach: Paulinho Kobayashi. Scheme: 4-3-3.

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Goal: Tiaguinho at 7′ of the 2nd T (ALT). Yellow card: Breno Calixto (STA) and Leandro (ALT).

Local: Arruda Stadium. Schedule: 17h. Referee: Rafael Carlos Lima (AL). Assistants: Pedro Jorge Santos and Rondinelle dos Santos Tavares (both from AL).