Secret Truths: Fanny accepts Giovanna as a model: “She has a knack for things”

The dream of being a model will come true for Giovanna (Ágatha Moreira) sooner than she thought. In the next chapters of secret truths, the daughter of Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) will make her book in Fanny’s (Marieta Severo) agency and will be immediately approved by Anthony’s (Reynaldo Gianecchini) lover.

After stealing money from Pia’s (Guilhermina Guinle) safe, the teenager appears at the agency and introduces herself as Giovanna Lovatelli – her maternal surname. “Do you want to be a model?“, Fanny asks the candidate for pupil. “Take a look at me! Say, I was born for this!“, replies Giovanna, sure of herself.


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I’m putting you on a job today. You can see that you have a way with it. It’s supposed to be a luxury receptionist at an event. All early-career models do“, communicates Fanny. “No need to explain. I’m inside“, tops Giovanna. The agent’s next step is to choose an artistic name for the girl.

Giovanna is cute, but we need a faster, easier name… Kika!“, baptizes it. Giovanna, however, doesn’t like the name. “Too simple for an international model…“he complains. Fanny, however, does not give up her first opinion. “Simple name is great. It’s Kika!“, decrees, categorical.

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