Seeking compensation, Chico Buarque files a lawsuit against Eduardo Leite

Chico Buarque is suing the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite.

The toucan allegedly used Chico’s name and image in a video released on social networks without authorization.

The video was made by Leite on September 7 and the governor appears saying that Brazil “must go back to the center” and criticizes the “us against them” policy.

Milk also says:

“It’s enough to see in Chico Buarque and Sérgio Reis two musical beauties, and not just two political choices. Just remember that we, like them, are all Brazilians”.

Chico didn’t like it and now wants 40 minimum wages in indemnity and the immediate removal of the material from the air.

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They broke our legs!

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