Sheltered 19-year-old cat adopted after help goes viral | Look how nice it is

A 19-year-old Persian cat living at an animal shelter in Cincinnati, USA, was adopted after images of his birthday party and a message asking for help went viral.

Sammy surpassed in four years the average life expectancy of Persian cats, which is about 15 years. Until he turned 19, the 3rd-age feline animal lived at the Cincinnati Animal CARE shelter.

When the caregivers found out he was going to have a birthday, they decided to throw a party for Sammy, with special decorations.

They shared the image of the party with the following message: “His only wish for his birthday is a new home where he can rest his head and be covered in love. Can you open your heart to this adorable and caring boy?”

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The party’s images and the message went viral on social media. After receiving more than 60,000 likes and 2,000 responses on TikTok alone, the shelter managed to fulfill Sammy’s wish. They did not release the names of the new owners, but wrote:

“This is a big week for Sammy! The people who adopted him had actually already contacted us about him before he became famous on the internet, and were waiting outside even before we opened today. He’s going home with one. old feline friend and has already been spoiled with a new hat!”

Persian cat Sammy, 19, was adopted after images went viral — Photo: Cincinnati Animal CARE / Publicity