Simu Liu, the Shang-Chi, reacts to memes with his stock photos

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the star of Shang-Chi, Simu Liu, reacted to memes inspired by your photos stock, which have been going viral on the internet since the release of the Marvel movie.

For those who don’t know, stock images are a collection of photos that are stored in an image bank, requiring licensing so that they can be used for certain works.

Once it was discovered that Simu Liu worked on a shoot for Stock Photos, several Marvel fans started using these images as jokes on the internet, which, of course, came to the attention of the actor.

He not only took to the situation in sport, he also took part in the fun, sharing on Twitter one of the images to provoke those who thought that Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings would fail at the box office.

One fan went even further and decided to do a thread with all of Simu Liu’s Stock photos, which the actor retweeted saying “Thanks, I hated it.” Check out:

The company iStock, responsible for the images in question, took the opportunity to send a message to Simu Liu on Twitter:

“We always believe in you, Simu Liu. And if being a superhero doesn’t work, our door is always open.”

Sharp, Liu replied:

“Is the door open to share the hundreds of thousands of dollars you made from those photos? Because I got a hundred dollars”

During Simu Liu’s presence on Jimmy Fallon’s show, the actor explained issues involving payment for the photos:

“If you’re a good model, you get thousands of dollars to walk the catwalk… if you’re a stock model, you usually get a base fee of $100 for a day of photography. And they own the rights to the photos they take forever. Which is very, very important. It means the rights never end. They can sell those pictures and make millions and millions of dollars off them, and the model doesn’t get a single penny of it. That’s what happened to me.”

Watch Simu Liu participate in the show, where he reacts to photos and memes in a hilarious way:

Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings is currently running in theaters. The movie is expected to land at Disney+ in October.

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