Thiago Gagliasso chases Bruno Gagliasso and truths about Gio Ewbank come to light

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Thiago Gagliasso gave an exclusive interview to the 4talk cast Podcast this Friday, the 10th, and talked about his relationship with the brother Bruno Gagliasso and sister-in-law Giovanna Ewbank.

Thiago Gaglisso she made a point of saying that she doesn’t miss Giovanna Ewbank, but her brother, and even stated that the actress is a very difficult person to deal with because she is so closed off.

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“I don’t miss Giovanna, we were never friends. She was always closed, a little more difficult person. She is my brother’s wife, tomorrow she may no longer be his wife, she may just be the mother of his child(ren) and I respect her, but I will always be a blood brother”, said Thiago to the podcast “4talk cast” .

Thiago also commented that his brother must think he is a disgusting person. But he reports that on the day of Zyan’s birth, he made a point of sending a message to Bruno congratulating him on his new son.

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“He must be pissed and disappointed in me, he must think I’m a disgusting person. They take a lot personally. When his son was born, I sent direct: ‘Congratulations, I know your son is going to be born and it’s a cool moment. Although we are living different moments of life, with different perceptions of the world, I wish you all the best and I am grateful to you.’ I never forbade my son to have contact with Bruno, to live with (his) children. But I don’t believe that he would do otherwise”, he said, in the chat.

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