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Tonico (Alexandre Nero) will humiliate Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello) in the next chapters of Nos Tempos do Imperador. The crook, who was elected deputy, will orchestrate a defeat for the monarch of Brazil in the Chamber, frustrating Teresa’s husband (Leticia Sabatella) and the Duke of Caxias (Jackson Antunes). The colonel will convince the other deputies to refuse an increase in the army’s budget and will smile victoriously when blocking the proposal.

The emperor will deliver a passionate speech in defense of new spending. “I want to remind everyone of the importance of investing in our security. Having an army compatible with that of other nations is fundamental for our progress and development, and this will only happen with hiring, training and arming”, will defend the monarch.

However, Ambrósio’s son (Roberto Bomfim) will disagree and claim that using the money at that time would be irresponsible. “Irresponsibility? Investing in our security?”, will anger Luisa’s lover (Mariana Ximenes).

“Spend a lot of money for nothing? Better to use the money in other things. There’s no place to invest. You’ve seen the north, you’ve seen that there are greater urgencies, such as funds for the provinces that are struggling with drought”, he will argue Tonic.

To Pedro’s dismay, most politicians will agree with the colonel, and the agenda will be defeated by 59 votes against and 29 in favour. The villain will vibrate with joy at the humiliation of his former rival.


Alexandre Nero in In Times of the Emperor

Week Summary

Monday, 13/9 (Chapter 31)
Pilar celebrates her scholarship to study medicine in the United States. Tonico manipulates Dolores against Pilar. Quinzinho prepares for the opening of the casino.

Lota and Batista mistreat Pedro without knowing he is the emperor. Dolores questions Pilar about her promise to stay with her sister. Lupita convinces Batista and Lota to buy tickets for the opening of the casino. Pilar takes advice from Cândida, Luísa and Justina.

Tuesday, 9/14 (Chapter 32)
Pilar gives up her scholarship. Eudoro tells Tonico that Dolores will meet the princesses. Germana is sick with Licurgo’s food for the opening of the casino. Teresa and Luísa do not understand Pilar’s decision to stay in Brazil.

Eudoro confronts Pilar at the opening of the casino. Pedro goes after Luisa, and Samuel warns them about Teresa. Pilar catches Samuel with Luísa and wonders how close the two are.

Wednesday, 9/15 (Chapter 33)
Samuel and Luísa try to lose Pilar. Tonico explains to Nélio his plan to disturb Pilar. Everyone prepares for the inauguration ceremony of the deputies. Pilar argues with Samuel. Dolores admires the sisterhood of princesses.

Pilar introduces Samuel to Dolores. Lota and Batista pester Teresa. Tonico provokes Pedro, who notices the deputy’s plans. Dolores follows Tonico’s directions and invents a lie for Pilar about Samuel.

Thursday, 9/16 (Chapter 34)
Dolores regrets having lied to her sister. Pilar confronts Samuel, and Tonico celebrates the argument between the two. Eudoro finds Dolores’ behavior strange. Germana and Licurgo denounce Quinzinho and Clemência to Borges.

Pilar doesn’t believe Samuel’s explanations and the two end their relationship. Dolores decides to tell Pilar the truth, but Tonico sets her up so that the two can’t meet. Pilar decides to accept the scholarship and travel to the United States.

Friday, 9/17 (Chapter 35)
Teresa advises Pilar and is suspicious of her reasons for traveling. In order not to be detained, Quinzinho bribes Borges. Dolores despairs at not being able to talk to Pilar. Lota and Batista stay at the casino hotel. Samuel discovers that Pilar has traveled. Leopoldina tells Teresa that he would like to be Luisa’s daughter.

Saturday, 9/18 (Chapter 36)
Batista assures Lupita that he will take her away from Borges. Pedro and Caxias suffer a defeat in the chamber, orchestrated by Tonico. Guebo comforts Samuel, who suffers from Pilar’s absence. Luísa regrets with Teresa the sudden departure of Pilar.

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