Tragedy between Edgard and Lyris marks the final of Secret Truths

The telenovela starring Camila Queiroz and Rodrigo Lombardi returned to Rede Globo’s programming and took over the 23:25 hours. Although still in the beginning, some characters have already intrigued the audience with narratives full of suspense and impressive twists. One of the most tragic outcomes, however, will be experienced by Jessica Cores’ character. See what happens at the End of Secret Truths with Lyris and Edgard.

Secret Truths: Edgard and Lyris Get Shocking Ending

It all happens after a controversy takes over the narrative written by Walcyr Carrasco: Lyris (Jéssica Cores) will secretly invent that she was raped by Alex (Lombardi). It turns out that, later, Edgard (Pedro Gabriel Tonini) will discover the truth and will be disgusted to learn that the beloved – with whom he was engaged – went to bed with the protagonist for money and that, contrary to what she told, it was not forced.

Overcome with rage, Edgard will go after Lyris with a knife and give the model a few blows while screaming that she deserves punishment. Calling for help, Lyris is rescued by Visky (Rainer Cadete), but will remain on the ground in agony and surrounded by a lot of blood. The news of Lyris’ death will be confirmed later by one of the hospital’s doctors to the group of models who work at Fanny’s agency (Marieta Severo). “I’m very sorry. Eight stab wounds to the abdomen, she didn’t resist”, will inform the professional.

secret truths ultimate edgard lyris
Lyris makes up that she was raped by Alex. (Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo)

In addition to killing Lyris, Edgard will try against the life of Rodrigo Lombardi’s character, but will not succeed. Alex manages to escape and it is Robério, the millionaire’s faithful employee, who will be wounded with a knife in the arm.

Pink book is the reason for Edgard’s jealousy

The end of the couple’s relationship comes after a series of outbreaks of jealousy of the man, stimulated by the discovery of the existence of the ‘pink book’ – which is how the characters refer to the ‘catalog’ of models that are offered to men. In addition to working as models, the pink book requires the girls to have pleasure nights with the contractors, who are usually influential names in fashion and advertising.

Even after the breakup, the character cannot control his anger. Lyris’ ending in Secret Truths, killed by Edgard, is the result of a number of factors.

On the day of his death, at the end of one of Fanny’s agency shows, even though he is already getting divorced, Edgard freaks out when he catches his ex receiving a card from one of the guest managers. The engineer understands that, at that moment, Lyris would be ‘closing the deal’ for one more job as an escort and goes to the character to get satisfaction. Screaming, he accuses Lyris of making a show and, even after the model denies it, he adds more intensity to the curses. “I was going to make a pink book, yes! Tramp! Piranha!” he will say.

The ending of Secret Truths also answers important questions like what will be the future of the models and the future of Alex and Angel’s relationship.