Unbeaten by Cruzeiro, Luxemburg criticizes “football politics” and defends matches at Arena do Jacaré | cruise

With work still unbeaten by Cruzeiro, reaching eight games with a 1-0 victory over Ponte Preta, this Saturday, coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo highlighted the evolution of his team and also the entry of Bruno José, author of the Cruzeiro goal and that he acted still injured. But it also turned to the behind-the-scenes part.

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Luxembourg criticized the new public release in Belo Horizonte only last Thursday, when it was no longer legally possible for Cruzeiro to return to the match against Ponte Preta e Operário to Belo Horizonte. He said that, if the pitch improves, the Arena do Jacaré could become Raposa’s house.

– It’s going to be a conversation I’ll have with the president. They released Mineirão now so we can play there. And suddenly, here (Arena do Jacaré) can be our home instead of Mineirão, it can be our home here, because the 6-1 against Atlético-MG that Cruzeiro didn’t fall for was here. So, suddenly, they’re going to release it, and we don’t need to go there to improve the lawn here. A decision that has to exist for people to understand that we are not idiots. So it has to be something well thought out.

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A Voz da Torcida – Fernanda Hermsdorff: “Cruise had an obligation to win”

The coach of Cruzeiro left between the lines that the decision for the resumption of the public in the capital, after the definition that the next two games of Raposa would be in Belo Horizonte, was intentional.

– Football is full of artifices, tricks, a series of things that they put into practice and then underestimate people’s intelligence. This release for fans at Mineirão, where we didn’t have enough time to change the game, the games for Mineirão, as there could be fans, it’s strategy, smarts, a series of things we’re seeing in football and that’s a procedure that happens routinely, using the dates intelligently so that you are not able to do what you can do in a game exchange. I understand that politics enters into football and helps to do that. I don’t criticize anyone, I think everyone does it the way they have to, but I think this is something that should be left out.

Luxury completed. He said that the release will only benefit the “other”, without mentioning that it was the rival Atlético-MG or another “protagonist” in history.

– Wins who has to win, plays who has to play, plays well, plays poorly. But, we didn’t have enough time. ‘Ah, they released it on Thursday’. What’s up? What was the use of releasing on Thursday? The only person who will be privileged is the other, not us. We’ll have to play here because it’s already signed and can’t change for 10 days.

Vanderlei Luxemburgo at Arena do Jacaré — Photo: Bruno Haddad

With the victory against Ponte, Cruzeiro reached 29 points and occupies the 13th position in the table. The result leaves the club starring nine points behind Botafogo, the first team in the G-4.

Luxembourg highlighted that there was an improvement in the quality of the pitch at Arena do Jacaré. The club hired a company to recover the condition. The coach from Cruzeiro saw evolution.

Luxembourg saw improvement on the pitch at Arena do Jacaré — Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro

– The choice here was made before and we sent here a company to take care of the lawn. It’s just that you haven’t seen the lawn before and after. So the lawn has improved 70% of what it was when the company came here. As we are going to play the next game here, the company will continue. It’s a tight field here, and if you open up more to more fans, it’s better, because the heat of the fans, the center forward of the team I’m talking about, is very important.

Scorer of the goal in Cruzeiro’s single victory against Ponte Preta, striker Bruno José hardly trained throughout the week. On Tuesday, he left the match against Goiás in the first half, with an injury to his right ankle.

Vanderlei Luxemburgo explained the reason for having linked Bruno José to the match against Macaca. At halftime, the shirt 16 replaced Claudinho. At 17 minutes, he scored a beautiful goal, ensuring the heavenly triumph.

– Hey, Bruno is a football player, he’s going to play in pain – Luxa said.

Bruno José scores for Cruzeiro against Ponte Preta — Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

According to the coach from Cruzeiro, everything was aligned with the club’s medical department, which monitored the athlete’s situation.

– I talked to the medical department, Dr. André, and I told him: ‘Look, we’re going to block the injury, but I need him, not playing straight away, but he can enter the game. We will need it’ – he said.

According to Luxemburgo, there is a partnership between him and Fox’s doctors so that he can have the athletes always able to act, even for limited minutes.

– He came here and helped us with a beautiful goal and win the victory. So, it is a job that I have to congratulate the medical department, which did a very well done job.

Five Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity