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Electric shower is the item that weighs the most on the electricity billinternet playback

Published 12/09/2021 07:00

Brazilians went into a state of alert after the “water scarcity flag” level was created, which had an increase of 49.63% compared to the previous flag, red level 2. The increase scared even more consumers, who already live together with huge expenses for food, transport and the electricity bill itself. To encourage the reduction of energy costs, the government announced the Incentive Program for the Voluntary Reduction of Electric Energy Consumption, which proposes to reduce the value of the bill between 10% and 20%. To try to make the consumers’ pockets not weigh even more, experts present ways to take advantage of this bonus.

Faced with a scenario of economic insecurities, experts warn that there are ways to reduce this impact on the electricity bill. Felipe Nogueira, a specialist in finance and home economics, says that energy savings are essential, given that monthly costs are extremely high. “By analyzing the monthly costs with every upward trend in energy, we were able to see that energy savings are essential”, says the specialist.

The expert informs that one of the main villains of energy consumption is the electric shower. “To express the increases, we can see that the electric shower at full power for ten minutes costs R$ 28.93 per month per person. The calculation takes into account a shower of 5400 watts in the winter switch, with its maximum power. So you should consider that each 10-minute bath makes a significant difference at the end of the month”, he said.

Marlon Glaciano, an expert in finance, explains that, in order to enjoy the benefit, there is no secret, just pay attention to the small details. “Pay attention to the small details of everyday life such as long baths, lights on even when not needed, fans turned on in empty rooms and especially the use of washing machines and dryers continuously and during peak hours, between 6 pm and 9 pm”, alerted the specialist.

It is noteworthy that many companies still maintain the home office system, which leads the worker to pay a higher amount on the electricity bill. The worker can try to negotiate with the employer, but if this is not possible, Glaciano indicates ways to try to reduce the impact.

“Replace old light bulbs with LED light bulbs, seek a light and airy work environment and if possible with natural lighting, disconnect or disable the stand-by function in electronic devices, monitor the charging of telephones and computers, preventing them from remaining in the socket beyond the need”, he informs.

With the arrival of summer and the increase in temperature, consumers will have to relearn about using air conditioning. Economist Gilberto Braga warns that consumers need to learn to change their habits. “I suggest a review of how to use the air conditioning, turning on only at bedtime and not keeping it on all day.”


In order to encourage energy savings, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) aim to benefit residential consumers and small businesses that save 10% to 20% of what they currently spend with energy. The account discount is R$50 for every 100 kWh hour reduced.

The bonus is available for those who reduce energy consumption compared to the same period in 2020 and the comparison will be made based on the sum of consumption over these four months. With the water scarcity banner, the consumer starts to pay an extra R$14.20 for every 100 kilowatt-hours consumed. This charge will last until April 30, 2022 and the most important point of this adjustment is due to the fact that the increase is calculated for each 100 kWh consumed and not on the total value of the bill.

The Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Distributors (Abradee), the MME and Aneel, developed a website that encourages changing habits to reduce energy consumption. Conscious Consumption Now brings several tips to help you enjoy the bonus. The page is associated with the conscious consumption of electricity campaign. To check it out, just access the link: https://www.consumoconscienteja.com.br/.

Check out other tips for saving

– Researches show that the excessive or daily use of benjamins and extensions increases the energy cost.

– Turning off the light in the rooms is essential, but the external area of ​​the house, such as gardens and garage, generate good savings.

– Water leaks are the main villains for excessive water use, so maintaining the plumbing is necessary, and it saves people who use pumps to put water in tanks or cisterns.

– Always think about using water from the machine to wash the yard, water plants or wash the car.

– Avoid leaving the refrigerator with the door open for a long time.

– Control of the use of the electric iron.

– Cut the habit of sleeping with the television on.

– Keep the refrigerator clean and with necessary products. The more product, the more work she does to maintain the ideal temperature.

*Intern under supervision of Marina Cardoso