understand the drama of Barbara Evans’ pregnancy

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @barbaraevans22

Barbara Evans is finally living the dream she always had of pregnancy. Monique Evans’ daughter also shares, step by step, everything she does for the treatment to get pregnant. Over the past few months, the model has had to contend with hormone bombs, 30 extra pounds and a series of emotional ups and downs. Now, finally, she has managed to gestate two embryos, but it’s also just the beginning of the battle.

This is because one of the embryos is not developing as it should, as she herself has already revealed, and needs special attention from doctors.

But this is just one of the obstacles that Barbara, who is married to businessman Gustavo Theodoro, is facing. She, who decided to announce her pregnancy at one month, decided that she would not keep any secret from the fans, who have been following her forever.

To Uol, she reveals: “I’ve been famous since I was born because of my mother. We have our life 100% exposed and I had to learn to deal with it seeing my mother. The negative comments no longer affect me. They’re wasting time if they want to bother me, because I don’t even try to read when it’s bad”.

Over the past week, even Monique Evans went to the networks to ask for support and congratulate the heiress. Even when she was in Vila Velha retouching the facial harmonization, the 65-year-old model remembered the care that Barbara needed.

“All swollen from crying. It’s a special day! It’s true! I’m going to be a grandma again! I’m super, mega happy. I already knew a few days ago, but we wanted to be sure, wait a bit, for her to post the videos everyone like she’s been doing,” commented Monique in a video in which she confirmed her daughter’s pregnancy.

And Barbara continues: “I gained 14 kilos during the treatment and I’m pregnant with twins, that is, everything is double. But I really don’t care about these criticisms. It was five months of a lot of suffering during the treatment, I won’t romanticize. Too many hormones. , steroids and expectations. My body is the last thing that bothers me right now. I feel wonderful.”

Between ups and downs, the model, who lives in Adolfo, in the interior of São Paulo, with her husband, also reveals that she canceled her VIP appearances for safety and will only work virtually until she feels completely safe. “My husband is now my manager and that makes it much easier. Until I’m three months old, it’s not recommended that I travel, I’m very tired, so I’ll keep working with lives,” she concludes during the chat.

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