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the new movie of resident Evil received its first images recently, and fan reception was divisive. Even so, among several discussions about character characterization, something seems to be a consensus: the excellent look of Lisa Trevor.

The image, which seems to be made with practical effects, wins over for its eerie resemblance to the original game. But, who is it Lisa Trevor? Understand everything about the character below!

Where did Lisa Trevor come from?

Featured in the Resident Evil remake, Lisa Trevor is living proof of Umbrella’s evil

The introduction of Lisa Trevor was one of the biggest changes from the remake of the first resident Evil. Originally released for the GameCube in 2002, this version reworked the original title of PlayStation 1 like a gothic horror, moving away (slightly) from the B-film footprint of the franchise’s precursor. In addition to the focus on a very heavy and tense atmosphere, the Capcom modified some scares and added enemies to ensure that even veterans of the saga were on their toes.

That’s where it comes in Lisa Trevor, a narrative arc that was added for the remake. At the pace that the player explores the tenebrous Spencer Mansion, begins to hear strange noises, such as guttural moans and dragging chains. To this day, the first appearances of this mysterious figure are chilling – especially when it reveals itself for the first time, and attacks the unprepared player.

The character showed up only in the remake of resident Evil and in the derivative Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, released for the Nintendo Wii in 2007 (and later for the Playstation 3). His past, which can be discovered through various text documents, explains that Lisa Trevor is an important figure for the franchise.

victim of the corporation umbrella, she was the guinea pig that carried the virus parent (which originated the T-Virus), underwent a series of inhuman tests, and also patient zero of the G-Virus, responsible for the monstrous mutation of the scientist William Birkin. The presence of the virus in her organism is so strong that, in addition to the grotesque look, she even managed to survive her own execution, and take refuge in the Arklay Mountains, where Spencer Mansion is located.

What does Lisa Trevor’s presence in the Resident Evil movie mean?

Director of Resident Evil reboot in theaters wants to make film focused on horror and tense atmosphere

The fact that the look of Lisa Trevor is among the first images released of the new film by resident Evil is a good indicator. Not only does this reveal that the production is giving special affection to the monsters, it is also a sign that the film is aiming for the horror setting that the remake took from the lyrics.

The director and screenwriter Johannes Roberts made his career in the horror genre, with works like deep fear (2017) and The Strangers: Night Hunt (2018), and the filmmaker has already made it clear in interviews that he is looking for a terrifying atmosphere for the new adaptation. the movie of resident Evil will mix elements from the first two games, and promises to delve into the past of Spencer Mansion and Umbrella, so Lisa Trevor will be a very important figure to understand the origin of the virus, and the level of evil of the corporation.

Counting on Kaya Scodelario, Hannah John-Kamen, Robbie Amell, Tom Hopper, advance game and Neal McDonough in the cast, the film will show a story that takes place in Raccoon City during the year 1998, in the fateful night already known by fans of games. The release of the new movie from resident Evil it takes place in 2021, with its premiere scheduled for sometime in November.

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