Understand why Willian doesn’t face Atlético-GO

Corinthians and attacking midfielder Willian were surprised yesterday (11) by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency). The agency linked to the Ministry of Health informed that the Timon player was in quarantine period and could not play today against Atlético-GO, for the Brazilian Championship.

The shirt 10 trained all week and would start at Alvinegro, but was informed in Goiânia, already at the delegation’s hotel, that he would not be able to play. What motivated the suspension?

What does Ordinance 655 say?

On June 23 this year, motivated by the new variants of covid-19 circulating in countries such as the United Kingdom, South Africa and India, the ministers of the Civil House, Justice and Health published Ordinance 655 in the Official Gazette. the Federal Government informs that, exceptionally and temporarily, the entry of foreigners into Brazil is restricted. The ordinance also sanctions the prohibition of entry of non-Brazilians by land or waterway transport.

The third article of the document informs that the restrictions mentioned above do not apply to Brazilian citizens, which is the case of attacking midfielder Willian, recently hired by Corinthians. Therefore, the player had no impediment to go through immigration at Guarulhos Airport and enter his home country. The passage, however, has nothing to do with the need to comply with a quarantine.

Who deals with this matter is the seventh paragraph of the seventh article of the ordinance. The excerpt of the document makes it clear that Brazilians who arrive in the country from the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), South Africa and India will be required to comply with social isolation for two weeks as a measure of the covid-19 pandemic.

“The traveler who meets the provisions of article 3, with origin or history of passage through the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of India in the last fourteen days, upon entering the Brazilian territory, should remain in quarantine for fourteen days”, says the document.

Willian’s 11 Days in Brazil

As he was at Arsenal, in England, Willian had to undergo immediate quarantine when he arrived in Brazil. The player, according to Anvisa, signed a document on September 1, the date of his arrival in the country, committing to comply with the articles of Decree 655. However, as soon as he landed in Guarulhos, the athlete went straight to Parque São Jorge sign his contract with Corinthians.

In recent days, Willian filled the pages of sports news from across the country, went to Neo Química Arena at the Corinthians anniversary event, followed the team in Itaquera last Tuesday (7) and followed a rigorous training routine at CT Joaquim Grava. The Agency, however, claimed in a note not to have prior knowledge of the facts.

“Considering that recent unofficial news reached Anvisa realizing that the player has been circulating in training and will participate in the game this Sunday in another state of the Federation, Anvisa immediately notified the CIEVS (Center for Strategic Information on National Health Surveillance ) to take the necessary actions with the Sanitary Surveillance of the State or Municipality to comply with sanitary measures, in order to prevent the player from failing to comply with the quarantine period,” informed Anvisa.

Yesterday, on the eve of the game against Atlético-GO and on the athlete’s 11th day in Brazil, Anvisa established contact with Willian and Corinthians. Coach Sylvinho listed the number 10 shirt for the match in the Midwest, put Willian on the plane and only at the hotel in Goiânia did the government, in fact, interfere. The athlete was informed that he was prohibited from playing. There is still the possibility of the attacking midfielder being held liable in the civil, administrative and criminal spheres.

Next steps

What the future holds for Willian and Corinthians is still unknown. Anvisa did not inform if the athlete will have to comply with quarantine when returning to São Paulo or if he will only be able to return to normal activities at CT Joaquim Grava until he completes the 14 days in Brazil.

The Parque São Jorge club’s legal department did not comment on the removal of its player from the delegation’s hotel. In fact, in the training note published last night, Corinthians did not mention Willian’s name in a single line and omitted the case.

The Agency was contacted by the report to explain what should be done in the coming days, but did not respond to the phone calls. Corinthians promises to position itself in the coming hours.