Unimed warns against fake billet scams and gives tips on how to prevent


President of Unimed Bauru, Aparecido Donizeti Agostinho

Unimed Bauru alerts the population to a coup. According to the cooperative, cases of fraud have become common, in which criminals send false bills to customers as being from Unimed for the payment of health plan bills, which results in various losses.

“For this reason, it is important to be very careful when paying the bank slip, checking all the data, such as Corporate Name and CNPJ”, explains the president of Unimed Bauru, Aparecido Donizeti Agostinho.

Scammers have used various resources to deceive people, such as false links, emails, websites, bills, messages and links. Thus, the person believes that he is paying the bill, but, in fact, he is transferring money to the scammers. “In recent months, we have intensified our warning campaigns, to provide our beneficiaries with information and prevent them from having this type of problem”, he adds.


One attitude that must be adopted is the verification of the document’s typed line, which must start with the code of one of these banks: 237 (Bradesco) or 748 (Sicredi). If the code is different, payment must not be made and the beneficiary must immediately contact the Financial Sector of Unimed Bauru, by telephone (14) 3235-3313.

Agostinho explains that the last numbers of the barcode must be identical to the value of the document. “If the amount of the charge does not match the last number of the code, it is very likely that the bank slip is false. Another guideline is to check if your data is correct, such as full name, CPF, address and values”, he alerts.

One of the most important checks is regarding the name of who will receive the payment. The client must pay attention to the Company Name, CNPJ and address: Unimed Bauru Cooperativa De Trabalho Médico – CNPJ 44.456.036/0001-50 – Rua Gustavo Maciel, 11-30, Centro, Bauru/SP, available in the bank slip.

“An alternative is to make payments through bank and Internet Banking applications, since, in this way, it is possible to check the data of who will receive the credit before finalizing the payment”, reinforces the president of Unimed Bauru.


Another instruction is not to pay the slips with discounts or rebates, without the negotiation having taken place with Unimed. “Also avoid billet printing. It is very common for scammers to use specific software to be able to defraud the document at the time of printing. If you choose to print, the client must keep the computer’s antivirus always updated to avoid falling into this type of scam.”

He also reinforces that, under no circumstances, the customer should search for the bank slip via Google. “You should not search for ‘Unimed boleto’ or ‘2nd copy of Unimed boleto’ on the search site. This is an open door to the scam,” he says.


Currently, Unimed Bauru payment slips are being made available to customers in several ways: by sending the first copy to the beneficiary’s residence via mail; by email, but only when requested by the customer to the cooperative’s Finance Department; and via the Beneficiary Portal (www.unimedbauru.com.br) and Unimed SP Cliente Application.

In case of doubts, the orientation is always to contact the Financial Sector of Unimed Bauru, through the number (14) 3235-3313.