United coach reveals how Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘presentation’ was at the hotel before the show at the premiere

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said the team from Manchester United made Cristiano Ronaldo perform at the hotel the night before his debut against the Newcastle, but joked that if any of the players didn’t know him before “they know him now” after he scored twice in na 4-1 win at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo caught up with the other athletes at the Lowry Hotel on Friday, before marking his return to the club with two goals, as his second chapter at United began with a comfortable victory in front of an appreciative crowd.

“Everyone when they join the team has to introduce themselves, maybe not everyone knows your name – they do now,” joked Solskjaer at his post-match press conference.

“The atmosphere around the club is electrifying. The fans have been enjoying the last 10 days. There was a lot of expectation in the team today and it was delivered.[Cristiano] raises everyone. He makes everyone so focused on the spot, he puts demands on himself, which puts demands on his teammates and on us and that’s why he’s done so much in his career,” added Solskajer, who added:

“He’s evolved, he’s a different kind of player than when he left, but he’s still a relentless, clinical top scorer. He’s become a much better player than when he’s been here over the years. You’re not going to use him as a battering ram. He likes to roam. He feels the big moments when he gets to the area and I thought he played really, really mature. He was very efficient with his football.”

Ronaldo, for his part, admitted to being nervous on his return to Old Trafford, but was happy with his two goals after only waiting for one.

“I didn’t expect to score two goals. I expect one, not two. I have to appreciate the fans and what they did to me today. I feel very proud of that. The most important thing was to win the game. [O United] it needs to be where it deserves. It’s about winning, building the team and building the club and the mentality,” the Portuguese told BBC Sport.

“That’s what we’re looking for. Of course I’m happy to score goals, I won’t deny it, but the most important thing is the team, and the team played well. It’s unbelievable. When I started the game I was so nervous, I swear. It’s usually because I didn’t expect them to sing my name throughout the game. I was very nervous, but maybe I didn’t show up, but I was. The reception is incredible, but I’m here to win games and help the team,” said CR7, who added:

“It was an unbelievable moment. I was super nervous and thought last night that I wanted to play well and show that I’m still able to help the team. This club is unbelievable and I am so proud. make them proud of me. Everyone knows that football in England is different than anywhere else in the world and, to be honest, it’s the most special. I arrived here at the age of 18 and they treated me amazingly and that’s why I’m back,” concluded the ace.

Ronaldo also highlighted his desire to win the gold medal this season, adding: “Everyone has to do their job. We have a fantastic team, a young team, with a fantastic coach, but we have to build confidence. The team has to be mature if we want to win the championship and the Champions League, but we’re on a good path and I’m here to help the team”.

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