‘Vaccine Yes’: new phase of the campaign encourages full immunization against Covid | Vaccine

The new phase of the campaign “Vaccine Yes” starts this Sunday (12) with the aim of encouraging complete immunization against Covid-19: either a single dose vaccine or two doses. The goal is to provide the greatest possible protection against the disease.

The fourth phase of the project is launched by the consortium of press vehicles, a partner between TV Globo, G1, GloboNews, THE GLOBE, Extra, state, Folha de São Paulo and UOL. To spread the information that the vaccine matters and protects everyone, anonymous people, actors and presenters participate.

The films portray people of different styles, ages and cities, but with the same feelings about the vaccine: hope, peace and confidence. In addition, the campaign reinforces that it is important to maintain the recommended care even after immunization, such as social distance, the use of masks and hand hygiene.

“The vaccine saved my life! When I was contaminated by the coronavirus, I believe that, if I hadn’t taken the two doses, I would have been much worse and might not even have survived”, says the presenter of Mais Você, from TV Globo, Ana Maria Braga. She is one of the faces of the new phase of ‘Vaccine Sim’.

“The moment is still for attention and even with the relaxation of sanitary rules, I insist that people take the vaccine, continue using a mask, alcohol gel, keeping their distance and, if you can stay at home, stay, because the virus has its variants and science rushes to find a cure. So, we still can’t relax the rules. This virus is very dangerous,” adds Ana Maria.

‘Duty as a communicator’, says Astrid Fontenelle about participating in the ‘Vaccine Assim’ campaign. — Photo: Disclosure/Globe

Astrid Fontenelle, host of the Saia Justa program, from GNT, is also part of the team to amplify the information on the benefits of getting vaccinated: “Being part of this ‘Vaccine Yes’ campaign, for me, is a duty as a communicator. It’s time to use all our influence to encourage vaccination, especially to raise awareness among people in importance of the second dose. Vaccine, always, yes”.

To encourage young people to adhere to vaccination, actors Rafael Vitti and Juan Paiva were the guests: “The vaccine is the only possible way to beat this virus. Go get your vaccine for you and everyone. Only together will we win!”, declares Vitti. For Juan Paiva, the information is simple:

“You who haven’t been vaccinated yet, get vaccinated, it’s a care for you, it’s a care for the other. This pandemic has to end, and that only depends on us.”

Juan Paiva in campaign ‘Vaccine Yes!’ — Photo: Disclosure/Globe

As in the third phase, the fourth stage of the campaign also includes other brands that are part of the groups of the press consortium vehicles, with the objective of communicating the greatest number of people in Brazil. There will be more than 70 brands that will pass on the message about the importance of vaccination.

‘The only possible way to beat this virus, says Rafa Vitti — Photo: Divulgação/Globo