Verstappen and Hamilton crash in the Monza variant and retire in Italy

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash: Red Bull’s car stays over Mercedes’ (Video: F1)

The race of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton ended even before the half mark of the Italian GP this Sunday (12). After bad pit-stops from both Red Bull and Mercedes, the two met in the chicane as the seven-times champion exited the pit-lane. There was no space for both in the outline.

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The touch threw the Red Bull into the air and caused it to stop on top of Hamilton’s Mercedes. And that’s how the two cars stopped. The halo averted something much worse, with the full weight of the #33 on Lewis’s head.

Now, the two leave the race without points and with another promise of drama and fight between Mercedes and Red Bull.

The end of the Italian GP for both (Photo: Reproduction)

Verstappen had good chances to overcut leader Daniel Ricciardo, but Red Bull had pit-stop problems. As a result, Mercedes also failed to do the best job after Hamilton entered the pit-lane as leader. The two quickly found each other on the track.

Hamilton rounded the chicane so that Max was squished and didn’t give up on following a more or less normal path. Without anyone giving in, the two touched. On the radio, Verstappen blamed his rival: “it’s what happens when you don’t leave space”. Hamilton took a while to get out of the car and went to look at the damage. The two didn’t even speak.

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