Virgínia Fonseca gets Zé Felipe’s surprise on a trip

Zé Felipe buys a R$ 500,000 car and Virgínia Fonseca justifies: ‘Huge family’

Earlier this week, Virgínia Fonseca showed Zé Felipe’s new car on her Youtube channel. The model chosen by the singer is a Jaguar F-Pace, in SUV style. The luxury vehicle is available for purchase from R$478,000 in Brazil.

“Here at home we have two cars, which belong to my mother. We needed another one because my mother has to go to the hospital, the other goes shopping, and I or Zé Felipe were left without a car”, explained the influencer . The visits to the hospital to which he referred referred to visits from his mother, Margareth Serrão, to her retired husband, Virgínia Fonseca’s father, Mario Serrão, who was hospitalized for over a month with acute pneumonia, but was already discharged.

“We needed another car to stay with us, because our family is huge. There’s no way everyone can leave with us in a car, it doesn’t fit,” explained the influencer. Zé Felipe also joked about not caring too much about the item, but saying that in the future they will need to “buy a bus”.

Virginia Fonseca has just arrived from a trip to the beach with her family

With a busy schedule, the business trip came days after Virginia returned from a short break during the September 7th holiday, when she traveled to Bahia, to the hill of São Paulo, with her daughter, Maria Alice, who met the beach for the first time, and Zé Felipe, as well as friends of the couple.

During the occasion, the influencer exhibited moments of love with her husband, who even bit her butt on the last day at the venue. She also admitted that she is not a big fan of swimming and the beach, having to do tanning salons before traveling to the place, even though she has a swimming pool in the mansion in Goiânia.