VW will rent used electric car to extend battery life

THE Volkswagen is getting ready to launch a small revolution that will affect all of its electric cars. The idea that is taking shape is to rent the company’s used battery cars.

VW executives themselves revealed this to the Automotive News, explaining that the objective is to keep control of the batteries, according to a sustainability perspective. In fact, even the CEO, Herbert Diess, hinted at this plan during the Munich Motor Show.

“In Europe – he declared – we are trying to make a second and a third contract for the cars, but a lease, so that we can keep ownership of the same vehicles. Today we believe that the battery life is around 1,000 charge cycles and 350,000 kilometers, so it’s likely that the accumulators can last longer than the car. We want to get them back so we don’t produce new ones.”

In practice, Volkswagen plans to exploit used cars that are depreciated but still with a good residual value and batteries still in operation, starting with leasing. In this way, long-term rental can be a convenient solution for both drivers and the company itself.

Diess went on to say that VW’s experience has shown how (apparently) end-of-life electric cars tend to have a higher value than their gasoline-powered equivalents. Credit also goes to 70-80% of the remaining charge capacity held by the battery.

The words of the CEO, very active in Munich on the decarbonization front, were added to those of Scott Keogh, head of the Group in the United States, who gave some more details about the company’s changes: the plan, he said, is already on the table and allows you to keep used IDs ‘alive’ for another 8 years. After that, the cars must be returned to the automaker to allow the accumulators to be removed and recycled, or their reuse, for example, in domestic energy systems.

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