Warley scores two goals, Botafogo thrashes Londrina and advances to the vice-leadership of Serie B

Botafogo is packed. This Saturday, Alvinegro thrashed Londrina by 4-0, at Nilton Santos Stadium, for the 23rd round of Serie B. Tubarão felt the expulsion of Marcelinho and coach Enderson Moreira’s team, who didn’t command the team in the match, ran over the opponent. Glorioso’s goals were scored by Warley (2x), Daniel Borges and Marco Antônio.

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Londrina’s game scheme has a characteristic of presenting a strong marking and with many committed faults. Early on, at 15 minutes into the first half, forward Marcelinho hit midfielder Barreto in the head. The move was reviewed by the Var and the referee sent the player off.

After Marcelinho’s expulsion, Botafogo managed to find more spaces in the attacking field and arrive more often in danger. At 32 minutes of the first half, Pedro Castro threw the ball to Marco Antônio who made a great move, gave a pen and passed it to Warley to open the scoreboard.

Botafogo knew how to make good use of the spaces offered by Londrina after Marcelinho’s expulsion. At 39 minutes into the first half, Alvinegro built a beautiful play on the right and Daniel Borges scored the second goal of the match. Soon after, at 41, now on the left, Marco Antônio tabled with Navarro and widened the score for the team.

In the second half, Botafogo continued to dominate the opponent, but wasted many scoring opportunities. At 25 minutes into the second half, Carlinhos hit a beautiful cross for Warley to score another goal. The attacker hit a beautiful kick and closed the score of the match.

The teams will only return to the field next Saturday. Botafogo will face Náutico, at 4:30 pm, at Nilton Santos Stadium. Londrina will receive the CSA, also at 4:30 pm, at Estádio do Café.


Date/Time: 09/11/2021, at 4:30 pm
Local: Nilton Santos Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Paulo Henrique Schleich Vollkopf (MS)
Assistants: Cicero Alessandro de Souza (MS) and Marcos dos Santos Brito (MS)
Var: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)

Goals: Warley (32’/1ºT) (1-0); Daniel Borges (39’/1ºT) (2-0); Marco Antônio (41’/1ºT) (3-0); Warley (25’/2ºT) (4-0).
Yellow cards: Pedro Castro (29’/1ºT); Elacio Córdoba (37’/1st T)
Red cards: Marcelinho (15’/1st T)

BOTAFOGO: Diego Loureiro; Daniel Borges, Kanu, Gilvan and Carlinhos; Barreto (Ricardinho – 31’/2ºT), Pedro Castro (Oyama – halftime) and Chay (Vitinho – 36’/2ºT); Warley, Marco Antônio (Luis Henrique – 21’/2ºT) and Navarro (Matheus Nascimento – 31’/2ºT). (Assistant coach: Luís Felipe Flores)

LONDON: Dalton; Elacio Córdoba (Pedro Cacho – halftime), Saimon, Lucas Costa, Felipe Vieira; Tarik (Jean Henrique – 32’/2ºT), Jhonny Lucas (Gabriel Ramos – 41’/2ºT), Matheus Bianqui, Gegê (Lucas Lourenço – halftime); Marcelinho and Salatiel (Caprini – halftime). (Technician: Márcio Fernandes).