‘We’ve already had absurd requests for fees’, says Rodrigo Carelli | Fabia Oliveira

Rodrigo CarelliDivulgation/Edu Moraes/Record TV

Published 12/09/2021 05:00

Ahead of RecordTV’s realities since 2009, Rodrigo Carelli is one of those responsible for turning the game’s gears and, each year, conquering audience, repercussion and more advertising revenue. This ‘know-how’, by the way, comes from the time he directed the ‘Casa dos Artistas’, at SBT, in the early 2000s. Now, two days away from the premiere of the thirteenth edition of ‘ A Fazenda’, under the command of Adriane Galisteu, Carelli’s name returned to ‘populate’ on social networks as much as those of the participants already announced for the cast of the rural reality show. But, in the midst of this rush, he agreed to have an exclusive chat with the column and talk about everything we always wanted to know and, suddenly, he didn’t have the courage or didn’t know how to ask.

You recently said that you would like to have Narcissa Tamborindeguy in ‘The Farm’, but she required a hairdresser and makeup artist. Any other famous people left out with an absurd demand?
Many. I would not like to highlight names. But we’ve had everything from absurd requests for fees to demands like having a room of your own or keeping your cell phone. These people are not in the mood for a reality show, actually. Narcissa just asked for a hairdresser for her (laughs). I’m still hoping to see her on a Record reality show.

How is the selection process for the ‘Farm?’ How are people chosen?
We make a pre-selection, then we separate the most interesting names to interview. In this interview, we try to capture the essence of the person’s personality to see how much they can yield this season. But mostly, we are looking for people who want to compete, who want to fight for the prize.

What will be new in this edition? Can you give us one?
There will be several. But one of the main ones is that the public can choose one of the participants through Paiol Tik Tok.

What can we expect from the new cast?
A lot of intensity, a lot of content and a lot of grit to play.

What is the expectation for Adriane Galisteu’s debut at the head of the program?
The best possible. She already rocked in ‘Power Couple’ and will be amazing in ‘Farm’.

Who do you always invite and never accept?
Better not to say, because then you might not accept it!

To what do you attribute the success of realities in general?
The identification of the public with the daily reality of people in an unusual situation. And, at the present time, the natural identification with confinement.

You’re mending one reality show after another. After the ‘Farm’, will you go on vacation? Or is there still another project out there?
There’s always one more around! But I will really need a vacation. For sure.

How is your routine during ‘The Farm?’ Do you also move to Itapecerica?
I don’t move there, but I stay connected 24 hours a day and ready to go back there anytime.

In your opinion, what was the best edition of ‘A Fazenda’ to date?
I always think the last one is the best. We are improving the way of making and choosing the cast.

What do you need to do to be the protagonist of an edition?
Be yourself and want to fight to stay in the game. Making all this clear to the public, without filters.

Do you regret casting any participant?
Of course. But I won’t name names.

On ‘Record Island’, Antonella said she combined that romance story with Pyong. Did you know about the combination?
We didn’t know and I don’t believe there was such a combination.

This set-up of Antonella had bad repercussions with Pyong, even. Netizens accused the direction of taking advantage of a farce to leverage the audience. What do you have to say about this?
Everything that is done within the reality is material that is subject to exhibition. And the responsibility for the acts belongs to the participants.

Do you believe that this addiction that became famous makes people open up their lives, flaws and qualities in exchange for three months of fame?
For sure. We even now have the phenomenon of the celebrity who became famous for having made a reality show. And, due to this fame, he participates in others.

Do you think that to appear, nowadays, many celebrities would agree to go to ‘A Fazenda’ even without a fee?
Surely there must be some. But we never took advantage of it.

The program saved Biel’s career, now they speculate that MC Gui, who is coming from one crisis after another, will also be there. Do you think the show has become a way for personalities to seek redemption?
This can happen. But it’s something very difficult to achieve. It’s not easy for a reality show participant to have the necessary self-control for that.

Who wouldn’t you call on the show at all?
People who are not willing to play.

Isn’t calling ex-BBB a way to show that Globo chose well and you also want to take advantage of the repercussion?
As I said, we have already had and will have ex-participants from various realities from various broadcasters. Including from Record. They have become the new celebrities and have already proven themselves willing to face confinement and competition.