Whindersson Nunes and Felipe Neto exchange barbs about financing football

After being asked by a fan if he would invest in the Vasco da Gama team, Whindersson Nunes tweeted this Friday (10) that he would not spend money on football as his focus was to fund research projects.

In the tweet, the fan mentions that celebrities such as Felipe Neto and Marcelo Adnet were responsible for helping in the hiring of forward Rafael for Botafogo. “It’s time for Whindersson Nunes to spend his millions with Vasco, team up with another famous Vasco guy and bring the [Philippe] Coutinho back,” he wrote. In response to the fan, the comedian stated that he is funding research: one that is building an engine for wheelchairs and another that is developing a device that signals road holes to prevent accidents. “I’m not going to spend anything on the team, just cheering,” said Whindersson.

Sports journalist José Passini responded to the comedian’s tweet with “For this you are cuckold” in reference to the end of his marriage with singer Luísa Sonza, erasing it right away. Whindersson even dropped hints to the Vascaian, implying that he could sue him.


Felipe Neto joined the discussion in defense of the journalist, stating that, on the part of the youtuber, he would have “more lawyer than Eike Batista”.

And, in response to Whindersson, the youtuber said that he makes donations “to all kinds of institutes, NGOs and movements”. “I invested almost 1 million reais in the creation of the VERO Institute for digital education. I created the ‘Cala Boca Já Died’ movement to support people who are persecuted for their opinion. And I will spend it on a team, yes”, he wrote.

“Congratulations, it’s Jesus himself”, joked the comedian in response to youtuber.

“My fight is with this misrule. Everything else is irrelevant and I just want peace, harmony and, above all, therapy”, tweeted Felipe Neto this Friday (10).