Whindersson Nunes’ fight with Popó is worth almost R$ 12 million

With roots in Piauí, Whindersson Nunes rose to stardom at the age of 15, however, not even the transformations arising from fame, money, the uncontested phenomenon on social networks, made him forget his ‘clod’, his land.

Piauí, with tens of millions of followers on the internet, it takes the best of our State to the world, valuing culture, history, local ancestry, without losing humility, without going astray, without forgetting ‘yours’. This Saturday, September 11, ielcast featured a revealing interview with Whindersson Nunes.

Whindersson Nunes chats on IelcastWhindersson Nunes chats on Ielcast

The youtuber, comedian, actor, singer, composer, instrumentalist and sometimes even an athlete, is a phenomenon not only for the numbers it aggregates on social networks, but for its multiple talent and for preserving its essence. In a chat with presenter Ieldyson Vasconcelos, Whindersson ‘opened his heart’, talked about his personal life, career, and made reflections, and even spoilers of new projects, in addition to how much the fight he will fight with Popó in the United States is worth.

Fight with Popo

“The fight should take place between late October and early November, it will be ruled by an exhibition fight, which is a fight that has no winner, because Popó is four-time world champion and I’m a rookie. The fight is good, but trying not to knock anyone out, to try to reach the end, surrender the show even until the last round and our intention is to be physically prepared. This fight is worth almost R$ 12 million if everything works out, because if it doesn’t, we may not win anything either”.

Appreciation of the Northeast

“I transfer to other people the desire I had to be helped, to need a ride and not have it. Need I always needed, but I never expected to be helped. There is a phrase that says that luck is good for those who are prepared, so if I know how to fight, sing, act, then we have to take the chance and put it to work”.

Don’t care what people say

When I started there was already a strange thing on the internet, which was something more lawless, when I broke up with ‘Grandma I’m failing’, people commented that I was dumb, that I was from the Northeast, when I went to São Paulo, people would kill me and in the comments there were more than 2 a thousand likes and I didn’t understand what it was and because I didn’t understand I let it go and started making more videos”.


“I think it works to know where you’re coming from, because the difficulty for the person who is starting any venture, because today people want to take a turn, but if they don’t understand who they are, what their purpose will they be doing random things, when I understood that my purpose was to change people’s worldview, everything changed and my purpose is to spread my story. It’s here on my breasts, it has no appeal”.

Partnership with João Gomes

Now, preparing a new release, with singer and composer João Gomes, in a song that promises ‘passionate doses’ of the Northeast in its most latent version. “The song with João Gomes I wrote in 45 minutes, on a flight, and when I arrived at the airport I said: ‘I’m going to record it here and now’, I already recorded it and sent it to him and he said: ‘this song is too good'”.